The unseen God has revealed himself in time. He has not only been revealed through his splendid creations, but also, in these latter times, through his son. Among the Jews he appeared as Jesus Christ, and in Africa, he has come as Simeo the Second Christ. His revelation has run in a series of episodes in time, chronologized as the history of Legio Maria. Below are great reads on the revelation history of the son of God as the glory of God; as Simeo Messias:

  1.  Legio Maria Takes Shape: Leadership and Organization of Legio Maria
  2. Legio Maria: Background of Legio Maria
  3. Legio Maria Faith: We Have Seen the Glory of God
  4. Legio Maria Movement
  5. 20 Legio Maria Questions and Answers
  6. Legio Maria Leading Lights Part 2 
  7.   Legio Maria Leading Lights Part One
  8.   Legio Maria Is Destined To Become a World Religion
  9. Simeo Ondeto the Second Christ, Black Messiah, Glory Of God
  10.    Mary Of Legio Maria: Who Is She?
  11.    Simeo I Love You
  12.   Top 10 Misconceptions and Lies People Say About Legio Maria
  13.    Legio Maria We Declare What We Have Heard and Seen
  14. Legio Maria Doctrines: Superiority Holy Spirit over Scriptures
  15. How Rafael Adika Became a Member of Legion Maria