Monday, June 22, 2015

Top 20 Beliefs of Legion Maria

1.     There Is Only One God: Legion Maria faithful believe in one God, creator of the universe and everything that is. He is eternal, omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent.

2.     God is Trinity: Legion Maria members believe that God is three persons in one, namely, the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

3.     Simeo Ondeto is God: Legion Maria faithful believe that Simeo Ondeto is the pre-existent son of God who took up flesh and became man. He is worshipped as God and his help and guidance is sought through prayer.

4.     Simeo Ondeto is Christ (Messias): Legion Maria faithful believe that Simeo came to earth as part of God’s redemptive mission for mankind. Simeo took up flesh to dwell with men so he could lead men to eternal life by revealing the glory of God. His mission is one with the mission of Jesus of Nazareth and Melchizedek so that men are called, saved and glorified.

5.     Simeo of Angoro Awasi is Jesus of Nazareth: Legion Maria faithful believe that God has only one begotten son who has taken up flesh at different times in order to redeem mankind. The same son of God who took up flesh in Nazareth and was called Jesus is the same one who took up flesh again in Angoro Awasi and was called Simeo Ondeto.

6.     Holy Spirit Is Superior To Scriptures: Legion Maria faithful are primarily guided by the Holy Spirit. While they believe that the holy scriptures are a record of what the Holy Spirit has revealed in the past, Legios emphasize that the same spirit is at work today and should be sought directly for guidance and inspiration instead of resorting fully to scriptures. Besides, since the scriptures are a product of the work of the spirit, Legios take what the Holy Spirit says and directs to be superior to what has been recorded in scriptures.

7.     Second Pentecostal Day at John Baru’s Home: Legion Maria faithful believe in the Legion Maria Pentecostal Day of 9th March 1962 at John Baru’s Home. They believe that on that day the Holy Spirit descended upon Legion Maria faithful and confirmed them as the new chosen people of God who have been given the mission of spreading the message of the second coming of Christ to the world.

8.     Simeo Ondeto Was Publicly Revealed at John Baru’s Home: When the Holy Spirit came with a mighty power, roar and singing at John Baru’s home, the eyes of 1,150 Legios were opened at once and they all saw Simeo seated in the throne of heaven with angels and saints worshipping him. Simeo was revealed at once to all of them as the Son of God.

9.     Simeo Ondeto Fulfilled the Second Coming of Christ: When he came as a spirit upon the clouds of heaven and brought with him thousands of angels and saints, and then he was revealed as seated on his throne and judging the living and the dead, Simeo fulfilled all the prophecies of the second coming of Christ. He came with his angels and saints, sat on his throne, judged the living and the dead, and gave everlasting life to the just. Through him, God has fulfilled his promise of Christ’s second coming, and there is no other coming of Christ.

10.            There Was a Meeting in Heaven before Simeo Came: Legion Maria believe that there was a meeting in heaven in which God sanctioned the second coming of his son. It is during this meeting that God chose to have his son take up black flesh on the request of St. Mary (Virgin Mary). This meeting is called Confliutorente (or simply the meeting of Torente).

11.            Maria Regina Owich (Mama Maria) is St. Mary (Virgin Mary): Legion Maria faithful believe that Virgin Mary, the mother of Jesus of Nazareth, came with Christ and was revealed together with him in black flesh. Virgin Mary took up flesh to become Maria Regina Owich (Mama Maria).

12.            There Is Life after Death: Legion Maria faithful believe that there is life after death in paradise or in the place of punishment. The just pass the judgment of God and are rewarded with eternal life while the unjust fail judgment and are punished with stay in either Purgatory, the place where the spirits of believers suffer and labor as they pay for the debts of their sins before they are admitted in paradise, or Hell, the place of eternal damnation.

13.            The Weighing-Scale Judgment: According to Legion Maria lore, the judgment of heaven is based on weighing up human deeds with bad deeds on one side of the scale and good deeds on the other side of the scale, so that a person is confirmed just when his good deeds outweigh his bad ones. The judgment is purely based on human conduct. A person is not saved by believing in Jesus (Simeo) but by doing what Jesus (Simeo) teaches so that when his good deeds outweigh his bad ones then he is qualified for life in paradise.

14.            Eternal Life is Spiritual: Legio Maria faithful believe that when the body dies, the person survives the physical death and lives on as a spirit who then faces the just judgment of God. Humans are destined to exist forever in the form in which God exists eternally, and so they die to give up the dying form of the flesh and to take up the undying form of the spirit which is capable of eternal existence.

15.            The Efficacy of Prayer: Legion Maria faithful believe that prayer is answered by God and has power to relieve human burdens of sins, suffering and bondage. Legios pray to the sick, poor, troubled, crippled and dead; to the leaders, widows and orphans; and to the world so that God may show his mercies to all.

16.            The Devil and Evil Spirits: Legion Maria faithful believe that the devil exists as a spiritual antagonist who always tries to draw humans away from the service of God. The devil works through his agents, the demons and evil spirits.

17.            Angels: Legion Maria faithful believe that angels exist and serve God and humans in different ways. They believe that angels are human allies who work against the evil schemes of the devil and help to draw humans to God. Common angels in Legion Maria teachings are Michael, Gabriel, Uriel, Rafael, Latilati, Cherubim, and Seraphim.

18.            Communion With and Adoration of Saints and Angels: Legion Maria faithful believe that saints and angels are the role models and worthy guides in the path of service to God and of earning eternal life. Therefore, they invoke angels and saints by name, asking them for communion and assistance in overcoming the devil and evil. Legion Maria prayers are full of adorations and praises to saints such as Mary, Timothy Atila, Carilus Mumbo, Clement Angi, Peter Otieno, Siprosa Akoth, Paul, David, Catherine of Siena, and Agatha of Catania.

19.            The Efficacy of Sacraments: In line with the Roman Catholic Traditions, Legion Maria members partake in sacraments such as Baptism, Confirmation, Penitence, Eucharist, Ordination, Matrimony, and Unction. They affirm that these sacraments have power in their lives and in their service of God.

20.            Unity of Humanity: Legion Maria faithful believe that all humans are one and share the same destiny. There are no special races or chosen peoples because God has no races or people he favors more than others. All humans should work together for the peace and prosperity of the world and for the honor and glory of God. 

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