Saturday, May 13, 2017

Simeo, Good God: Prayer for Help

Simeo Melkio,
The Glory of God,
Christ, we kneel before you,
Hosea, we come before you,
You are the one sent to us by the Father,
To reveal to us the Glory of the Invisible God,
Revealing the Glory unknown to men since the beginning of time,
Revealing the glory available to us,
Which the saints have obtained,
Which today we can obtain,
Simeo whose Glory was revealed in the home of John Baru,
When the hosts of heaven came down in song,

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

I Have Overcome In The Name of Simeo: A Prayer for Help

God Almighty,
Maker of the universe and all in it,
I call on you in the name of Simeo,
For in Simeo, your Glory dwells with us,
In Simeo Melkio, the holy ones have ascended,
Taking their places in the mansions of heaven,
The coming of Simeo has set us free,
Each one of us given wings of victory,
Each one of us flying into our everlasting home,