Wednesday, January 14, 2015

The Miracles of Simeo Ondeto

Baba Simeo Ondeto did many miracles. He was many things to many men. He preached the message of hope and eternal life. Always, he reminded humanity to work and pray. For him, there is no faith that can be demonstrated without work. 

“Work hard every day so you do not steal,” he reminded his followers.

“Without work life can never get better,” he said.

“I came with only two things: work and prayer,” he taught.

But apart from giving prominence to work and prayer, Simeo Ondeto also performed numerous miracles in order to improve the conditions of the people he met in his life. Yet, he never prioritized miracles over his message. He did not preach miracles, but eternal life. To him, it was better to die and receive the miracle of eternal life, than to receive a miracle of wealth, power or healing and remain in sin.

Resurrection Miracles

Even though he had the power to give life, Simeo did not raise the dead every day. He did not call the world to bring their dead to him so he could bring all of them back to life. He always concentrated on his message and reminded people that this earthly life is just a stage to be passed. He always affirmed the greatness and glory of everlasting life which awaits all who trust God with their future. Nonetheless, there were occasions when his compassion overwhelmed him and his pity for the bereaved compelled him to raise the dead. Therefore, when he visited a Holy Ghost church in Gombania Tanzania, a man died when members of the church were praying for him. And he raised the man back to life.

Simeo Ondeto had pity on a woman who came crying to him when he was in Kisumu. He gave that woman his headgear to be worn on the head of the woman’s dead husband. When this happened, Amoke of Asembo, who lived in Kisumu, was brought back to life. In a third incident, Simeo Ondeto raised to life a teenage girl called Angeline, the daughter of an affluent family in Seme, Central Nyanza. In a fourth incident, Simeo Ondeto raised back to life the Son of Kalaudia in Makongeni Nairobi. Simeo also raised back to life a woman in Nakuru and another woman in Winam Kisumu.

Simeo Cures 10 Years of Bleeding

Simeo Ondeto cured several people from their sicknesses. He met with Dalmas Oyier who was crippled and could not walk, and ordered Oyier to walk! Dalmas Oyier walked as Baba Simeo had ordered. Baba Simeo also met with Joseph Obote who was dumb and breathed into Obote’s mouth. Obote was immediately healed and started speaking. But most important was the healing of Salome Owiny who had been ill for ten years. Owiny had gone round to hospitals but could not find cure. Her bleeding was ceaseless. When she met Simeo Ondeto, she was cured with just the breath from the mouth of Simeo.

Simeo Calms a Storm

Simeo did many miracles against nature. While preaching at Ephesus Church, he stopped rain until he could preach and finish. When he was called to Bumaenga in Western Kenya, he found the villagers complaining about monkeys who were excessively destructive. Simeo called the monkeys to a meeting during daylight and all the monkeys heeded. He ordered the monkeys to stop straying into farms and homes, and the same day the monkeys stopped. 

But most importantly, when Simeo was in a boat and on a journey to Nazareth, the current suddenly changed and huge waves started to knock the boat as they approached Wath On’ger. Sadly, a huge log was also being moved by the current towards the boat. Susana Ouma woke Simeo up from his sleep, and then he took up some water from the boat and poured into the stormy waters, and there was immediate calm!