Monday, July 24, 2017

Simeo Melkio, Bind Us Together with Your Ascended Hosts

  1.       Simeo Melkio,
Bind us together with your ascended hosts,
Bind us together with Timothy Atila,
Your faithful servant, our father of faith,
Bind us together with Peter Otieno,
The native of Kamagambo, who perished at River Nzoia during your persecution,
Bind us together with Silas of Imbo,
Bind us together with Kephas of Asumbi,

Simeo Melkio, Hear Us

1.       Simeo Melkio,
Spring of grace,
Well of love,
Source of all our hope,
Giver of all our victory,
We come before you,
We go down on our knees,
We pray that you bring help to your servants,
For in you is all our hope,
In you is our solace,
Release your light upon us,
Let your radiance form a circle around us,