Thursday, April 10, 2014

Legio Maria Leading Lights Part 1

Many faithful have made their mark in Legio Maria. I cannot enumerate all of them. However, I will recognize just a few. They include:

1. Vitalis Okello Oketa: Early prophet of Legio Maria lay Movement.

2. Romanus Ong'ombe: a catechist who sought out the new way.

3. Abala Rafael: Blessed with a magical memory; a man who retold the history of Legio Maria as if the events were just happening again.

5. Mumbo Carilus: The host of Legio Maria in Central Nyanza.

6. Okweto Silvester: The man who made the earliet discovery and prophetic announcement that Simeo Ondetto was God.

7. Dolpus Akello: the Leader of legio maria catholic lay movement that saw a transition to the present day Legio Maria.

8. Romanus Odongo: Gifted worshipper of Baba Simeo.

9. Hellena nya Rosary: Gifted worshipper of Baba Simeo.

10. Rafael Adika: Third Legio Maria pope whose gift of giving was incomparable.

11. Nelson Owino obimbo: Brother of Simeo Ondetto who never left the way.

12. Chiaji Lawrende: a great man with a steady faith.The second Pope of Legio Maria.

13. Atila Timotheo: The best of faith that ever occured in Africa. First Pope of Legio Maria.

14. Siprianus Ochien'g and Lucas Ngwala: early Legio Charismatics.

15. Tobias Oongo: A prophet of true prophesies.

16. Sila of Imbo: the wonder worker.

17. Maria Ombwayo: the faithful worshipper who prayed till the gates of prison flew open.

18. Susan nyar Ouma: Faithful handmaid of Simeo Ondetto.

19. Hebert Aloo: Early legio elite who took the church to Nairobi town.

20. Rafael Ran'gwa: a charismatic.

21. Peter Otieno: a matyr at Ephesus Church in Nzoia.