Simeo Ondeto

Simeo, Melkio, Hosea, Laurida, Enure, Santa Maria, Lodvikus, Messiah is the second Christ, the glory of God. He is the fulfilment of the sweet hope of the second coming of Christ (Jesus) and the final revelation of the son of God as flesh and blood. Below are posts on the second Christ:

  1.   Simeo Ondeto
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  3.  Simeo Ondeto: Son of Mama Maria
  4.   Simeo Ondeto is God: The Basis of Legion Maria
  5.   Simeo Ondeto: The Eternal Lord of Legion Maria
  6.   Litania mar Simeo Melkio Ondeto
  7.   Simeo Ondeto Teachings: His Origin
  8. Simeo Ondeto Teachings: Unity of Humanity
  9.   How Did Simeo Ondeto Die: A Story of Betrayal
  10.   Simeo Ondeto: The Champion of Human Freedom and Dignity
  11.   Simeo Ondeto and Melchizedek: High-Priests of Different Eras
  12.   Why Legion Maria Faithful Make and Use Graven Images