Thursday, April 10, 2014


Simeo Ondetto had close friends, good hosts, and faithful worshipers. Here is a look at other contributors to the growing religion.

1. Johannes Baru: Hosted Simeo Ondetto in Suna Migori. His home is the legio Maria's pentecostal site.

2. Pitalis Petrus Ogeka: hosted Simeo Ondetto in Sagegi, when Ondetto was still a catholic catechist.

3. Mumbo Carilus: The host of Legio Maria in Central Nyanza.

4. Oria ja Somali: The Founder of Legio Maria Mannyatta Church.

5. Oyier Dalmas: The human "van" of Simeon Ondetto.

6. Oking' Majoge wuod Okuyu: a faithful servant of Simeo Ondetto.

7. Duma: The male servant of Simeo Ondetto.

8. Prophet Gombe: The Only Legio prophet who prophesied the time and place of Simeo Ondetto's death.

9. Muga Kondiwa: A controversial but very instrumental Legio Bishop.

10. Gaudencia Aoko and Marcellianus Orongo: Two very instrumental people during the foundation years of Legio Maria. Though they left legio Maria and founded other denominations, their contributions cannot go unremembered.

11. Maurice Akello: The symbol of a true Legio Maria deacon. Committed to working for Simeo Ondetto his entire life, even he did not marry.

12. Omollo MaloMalo: The late Omollo died a faithful bishop of Legio Maria in 2013. He is remembered for his magical reference of God as living farthest in the beyond.

13. Angi Clement: The late Angi was the elite driver of Simeo Ondetto. He was a witness of many miracles and wonders performed by Simeo Ondetto.

14. Father Daniel Ayot; If there is a Legio Maria priest you may want to witness his masses and processional prayers, Ayot would come top.

15. Maria Ragot of Nyakach was the memorable host of Mama Maria in Nyabondo. She was a gifted charismatic who converted locals to Legio Maria to the extent that the local catholic parish was becoming deserted.

16. Mother Dorina of Kabaru: Stood almost in the footsteps of the biblical Sara. She  hosted Simeo Ondetto and even hosted the memorable Legio Maria pentecostal day.

17. Bishop Olan'go: Olan'go is a real charismatic. He has helped many legios to receive the holy spirit and is famous for his battles with evil spirits.

18. On'gawo Aloo: The controversial cardinal is an expert in episcopal matters.

19. Joseph Lila: an unforgettable charismatic.

20. Joseph wuod jakobo: A popular Legio Maria prophet.

21. Michael Ran'gwa: a prophet.