Legio Songs

In songs, we declare our beliefs, make petitions to God, praise and adore our God, seek the help of angels and saints (especially St. Maria or Mama Maria), declare our human frailty before the strength of God, and lift our hearts to God. Legio Maria began as an offshoot of the Roman Catholic Church and therefore adopted a number of songs from that great, universal and historic church. But as the faithful learned the great truths of God and received the revelation of the second Christ, they soon responded in song and composed several original Legio Maria songs which have since become the true identity of this new religious movement. Below are lists of Legio Maria songs in English, Kiswahili and Luo:

1.     Original Legio Maria Songs in English Part 1

2.     The Top 20 Original Legio Maria Songs in English

3.     Nyimbo Asili Za Lejion Maria