Wednesday, June 18, 2014


Simeo Ondeto taught numerous things on several topics. Here is a look at what he said about himself.

“I was in heaven before I came. I was sent to Africa by my father, the Highest God. So, fellow Africans, turn to God because you have seen his servant and heard his message.” Simeo Ondeto, Michael Omogi’s home, 1961.

“I am a true Catholic. I preach the universal unity of humankind because that is what God sent me to preach. I did not come as a protestant because I am a true Catholic. I will not join Protestants because in the Kingdom of God there is nothing to protest about.” Simeo Ondeto, Sagegi, May 10, 1959.

“In order to demonstrate that I was a true Catholic, I followed all the requirements. I was baptized in Catholic Church. I was taught catechism. I took the catechism tests as all other learners and failed four times just as other learners failed many times. I became a catechist and an obedient learner. I did this not to justify the ceremonialism of Catholic but to share in the pain of ceremonialism on the spiritual growth of humans.” Simeo Ondeto, Johannes Baru’s home, Suna, January 14, 1962.

“I am Simeo Ondeto, son of Joseph Obimbo. Our home is in Angoro Awasi and my clan is Watombori. I am a man just like you all, born of a woman.” Simeo Ondeto, Johannes Baru’s Home, Suna, January 14, 1962.

“Finally, the time has come for me and my mother to unite. Maria Regina Owitch is my mother. Not my blood parent but my spiritual mother. She was with me in heaven before we came in flesh as blacks. She loved Africa and felt sad when Africa remained in terrible darkness. Her mission is complete and the hour of union has come.” Simeo Ondeto, Johannes Baru’s home, April 4, 1962.

“Some people call me liar because I say God sent me. I say what I know is true and God the father and the Holy Spirit are my witnesses. Yes, I am a man as they call me, but I am also he whom God sent to you.” Simeo Ondeto, Amoyo, August 13, 1962.

“The glory of God is upon me. He has made me judge of the living and the dead. He has raised my throne above the thrones of created beings. He lives in me and I live in him. I am he who was to come and who has come. Truly, there is none else to come.” Simeo Ondeto, Amoyo, August 13, 1962.

“My children, I have come. I have come again as a fellow human. As someone you can eat and drink with. Why don’t you discover this truth? Your eyes seem blind; immensely blind.” Simeo Ondeto, Amoyo, August 13, 1962.

“Who is the son of God? He is the revelation of God to creations in their own form. God revealed as a human being becomes the foremost human being. God is also experienced by Angels, saints, powers and principalities, and all the hosts of heaven in their form, as the Son of God. Humans can experience God as spirit because they have spirits, but they can also experience him as human being because they are humans. This is why I am a human being.” Simeo Ondeto, November 23, 1962, Johannes Baru’s home, Suna.

“I went to Obimbo’s home in a huge cloud and whirlwind. Like a spirit they could not see me, but I could see them. Becoming a human being was a huge sacrifice. It is the most terrible sacrifice that God can make for humanity.” Simeo Ondeto Got Kwer, February 5, 1964.

“What I teach is what Maurice Otunga and John Paul teaches. We preach one God. The only difference is: they preach what they do not know but I preach what I know.” Simeo Ondeto Got Kwer, August 17, 1964.

“True religion is not shouting about how good your God is but doing the good things that make up your good God. The world is lost in hatred and wars because humanity is lost in praising its gods and not doing what their gods say. Hear me, Legio Maria! Your salvation hangs on the thread of your good works.” Simeo Ondeto, Ephesus Nzoia, December 23, 1969.

 “The son of God comes not as a sacrifice for sins but as a shining example to sinners. Sacrifices leave humans guilty of their sins, but examples inspire humans to holiness. I was not sent from heaven to be a savior through sacrifice but a savior by example.” Simeo Ondeto, Sori, June 8, 1976.

“Jesus and Ondeto are only names. Humans waste time quarreling about these names. The true path to sainthood is doing good works. The good are saved while the bad are lost regardless of the names they are proud of.” Simeo Ondeto, Mawego Kobuya, January 7, 1980.

“Soon, I will return to my father and your father. As a man, I will leave the world just as I found it. But as the son of God, I will leave behind a movement for the salvation of souls.” Simeo Ondeto, Jerusalem Amoyo, July 8, 1981.

“They say I am not observing the bible and its teachings, but do they get the salvation of their souls through that book? No! They are merely bewildered by the traditions written in that book. As for me, I know the truth that doctrines and books carry only part-truth part-untruth. But the man or woman who lives an upright life will not be lost.” Simeo Ondeto, Jerusalem Amoyo, July 8, 1981.

“I went back to heaven. You people thought I was dead for all the three days, but I was simply in Armos and conversing with my father about my earthly mission. Now, I have three years left and I will return.” Simeo Ondeto, upon his resurrection, Jerusalem Amoyo, 1988.

“I am almost departing. I feel deep pity for daughters and sons of Africa because of their hard-heartedness. May the glory of God abide with Legio Maria for generations to come?” Simeo Ondeto, Barding, September 2, 1991.