Monday, November 9, 2015

The Meeting in Heaven: Consliumterente

(This is the story of the meeting of heaven that led to the coming of the Glory of God. Below is a description of the meeting by Mama Maria)

Arrival for the Meeting

“In heaven, they call me Mary. My dwelling place is the heavenly city of Silita.
So before the meeting, I had to board my jet to the heavenly city of Paradise where the meeting was set to occur.
My jet moved at a very high speed, and I arrived at the platform of Paradise before Messiah (Baba Simeo) arrived.
As soon as I arrived, the band of Paradise began to play, giving me a warm welcome as I mounted the podium of Paradise.
Messiah’s jet landed soon after my arrival, just as the band was still playing.
And the band of Paradise continued playing even after his arrival in order to give us a great welcome.

Messiah’s Jet

Messiah came in a jet written “Jet 9”.  It is a jet that moves very fast, covering 9,000 miles per second.
It is always on the flight mode and must leave the runway as soon as it lands.
And because his jet must leave as soon as it lands, Messiah did not take long in Paradise. He talked to me briefly and left immediately.
As he was leaving, he instructed me, saying:
‘Remain behind and wait for the book of the new covenant. You must sign the book of covenant before you leave Paradise.’

Proceedings of the Meeting

Paradise is the place where I went to plead my case for the covenant of Glory.
It is where the angels gathered to witness a great case and to see a great battle.
And it is where the angels and saints joined me in the battle.
This is why we sing the song:
‘Our victory is of God, Alleluia we shall overcome, with the power of our God.’
‘With the angels on our side…’
The case was supposed to last for 9 months, but it took 3 years to conclude because every session was used only to resolve one issue.
In fact, after one question was asked and I responded to it, the proceedings were immediately adjourned until the next session.

The Victory

After 3 years, the case was concluded and the covenant of Glory was granted.
To launch the covenant, I had to break the seals of the book of covenant first.
Breaking the seals involved carrying the bowl of blood and having it sprinkled over my body.
Therefore, I went straight to the bowl of blood and lifted it in my hands.
When I did so, the blood in the bowl drenched my body and the seals of the book covenant were broken.
And when the angels saw this, they were filled with joy and sung loudly, saying:
‘What makes the Lord, leave his throne, to be a man again, and suffer as a slave?’
That is the song that the angels sung.
And when the angels of the order of Latilati heard the song, they declared with authority:
‘Now, the case is closed!’

Latilati Lead the Way

As I left the podium of Paradise, the Band Of Paradise sung a sweet song in honor of the new covenant.
They were singing like human beings, saying:
‘Paradise is open, Paradise is open; Paradise is open for the saints of the Lord.’
And when the angels of the order of Latilati saw me preparing to leave Paradise and ready to take up human flesh, they immediately left their stations to go ahead of me.
Latilati are angels with great prowess in war. They have very powerful wings, more powerful than the wings of a jet. And they cover 10,000 miles per second.
So when they heard the band singing, they took off quickly ahead of me and landed in Sayun.
When Latilati arrived, the Sayun bell which normally rings once in one year was rung twice to a profound surprise of the hosts of Sayun who had never heard the Sayun bell ring twice in one day.
Therefore, the hosts of Sayun, who include righteous priests, monks, Levites, deacons, nuns and Presidium clerics, rushed out of their mansions, even without wearing girdles on their robes.
And they assembled at the Sayun platform, waiting for direction and asking one another what was happening:
‘What is it?’
‘What is happening?’
‘Why did the bell ring twice?’
As they were still gathered at the platform of Sayun and in great confusion, Latilati announced my imminent arrival in Sayun and my impending departure to earth.
After this announcement, the Sayun bell was rung again and the Band of Sayun sung saying:
‘Sayun is open, Sayun is open; Sayun is open for the saints of the lord.’
And when this song ended, the Sayun bell was rung again and the Band of Sayun sung a new song saying:
‘Our home up the hill, our home up the hill, our home up the hill;
Hill Calvary our home, hill Calvary our home, hill Calvary our home.’
As the bell of Sayun was ringing, Lucifer tried to divert the attention of the hosts of Sayun by ringing a bell on earth, which is just a short distance away from Sayun.
Lucifer’s bell was tuned for the following song:
‘Forever and forever, amen! Forever and forever, amen!’
But when Latilati saw Lucifer and his agents doing this, they went straight to them, wrestled them to the ground, trampled them under their feet, whipped them with their flaming swords, and warned them never again to cause any disruptions to the majestic assemblies of heaven.
This is how Latilati went ahead of me to prepare a place for me in the city of Sayun, which lies between Silita and Paradise.
Indeed, before my arrival, the hosts of Sayun went to Latilati and asked why the Holy Queen had taken a little longer to arrive in Sayun. They were eagerly waiting for the moment when I would finally sign up for the new covenant and take my flight to earth.

Mary’s Flight to Sayun

After the departure of Latilati, my jet took off from Paradise.
But before I left Paradise, I sent word to Sayun through the help of the Holy Spirit.
And my message to Sayun was this:
‘I am Mary, whose dwelling place is Silita.
After a successful meeting in Paradise, I am now coming for a meeting in Sayun.’
When I had sent this message, I boarded my jet and left for Sayun.
And as I boarded my jet, the Band of Paradise repeated the song:
‘Paradise is open, Paradise is open; Paradise is open for the saints of the Lord.’
My jet moved at 9,000 miles per second, which is slower than the speed of Latilati who move at 10,000 miles per second. In fact, after leaving Paradise, it took me 9 months to arrive in Sayun.
The angels who boarded my jet were Michael, Gabriel and Raphael.
So during our flight, angel Michael tried to use binoculars to check whether Latilati were still in space, but he could not see them because Latilati were moving at a higher speed.
I, Mary, finally arrived in Sayun and was met by joyous hosts. And as my jet landed, the bell of Sayun was rung and the Band of Sayun sung saying:
                   ‘Sayun is open, Sayun is open; Sayun is open for the saints of the lord.’
It is at Sayun where I boarded my plane to earth.”