Friday, April 29, 2016

Top 10 Reasons to Join Legion Maria

Why should a person choose to become a member of the Legion Maria faith? Well, Legion Maria has attracted a diverse membership from different cultures and countries because of different reasons. The top 10 reasons to join Legion Maria are:

1.         Legion Maria offers the hope of eternal life

Life on earth can be meaningless in the face of adversity. For example, at the death of one’s baby or a family’s breadwinner, the bereaved feel a deep sense of loss and hopelessness. It is at those moments that many people need hope and something to hang on.
Legion Maria’s belief in eternal life encourages the suffering, bereaved or anguished that even if things are not well with them in this life, they can look forward to a better future in the next life where there is no pain, anguish, loss or mourning. In Legion, the dead face the judgment of God soon after death and are admitted in the mansions of paradise immediately. They live and can be reunited with their loved ones in heaven.

2.         To reign with Simeo Ondeto in the Kingdom of God

In Legion Maria, Simeo Ondeto is the incarnate son of God who has been revealed at the beginning of the era of the glory of God. He is the same son of God who has been involved in the redemption journey of humanity and has now moved from the right hand of God and taken possession of the kingdom of God, being lord of all the saints and holy ones of God. Believing him means believing the son of God who not only has power over life, but also allows men to be admitted as servants in the kingdom of God.  As Simeo reigns in the kingdom of God so does his followers.

3.         To be part of the culmination of God’s promises to humanity

When humans disobeyed God, they were removed from his presence. However, God remembered mankind and created a plan of calling them back, redeeming them and admitting them back into his presence. The calling mission was accomplished through Abraham and his descendants when the son of God appeared as High Priest Melkizedek. The redeeming mission was accomplished when Jesus of Nazareth died on the cross to pay the price for the sins of men. Finally, God has revealed his son again to crown his mission by admitting men back to his glory through Simeo Melkio. So, joining Legion Maria allows one not only to participate in proclaiming the glorification mission to the world, but also to be among those admitted into the glory of God.

4.         To master the truth of the glory of God

Legion Maria is based on the revelation of the Glory of God on earth. When the glory was revealed, a multitude of saints and angels descended upon the clouds of heaven and communed with the faithful. From there on, the glorified saints of the past communed with the faithful, teaching and guiding them through the power of the Holy Spirit and demonstrating in explicit ways that the era of glory is real. In fact, Legion Maria faithful use robes of different colors of the saints, fly flags in honor of different saints, build shrines in honor of the saints, and offer adorations to these glorified ones of the Lord as a way of partaking in the truth of the glory of God. Being a member of Legion Maria allows a person to realize the power and truth of the glory of God.

5.         Experience the power and work of the Holy Spirit

Legion Maria was primarily founded by the power and work of the Holy Spirit. It is the Holy Spirit that revealed the son of God and moved the faithful to believe and proclaim the reality of the son of God made flesh. The Holy Spirit is powerfully manifest amongst Legion Maria members, conveying messages from the Lord, teaching congregations, healing the sick, and solving problems. Legion Maria has thousands of prophets who have dedicated their lives to service and through whom the faithful can still experience the charismatic gifts of the Holy Spirit.

6.         Operate according to a body of ethical and moral teachings in order to have a good life

Legion Maria has a body of ethical and moral standards and teachings that all members are expected to adhere to. For example, there are teachings forbidding smoking, alcoholism, drug abuse and suicide.  Legion strongly teaches justice, human freedom, unity of humanity, human rights, poverty eradication, better education, improved healthcare, and equity. The sermons of Simeo Ondeto are replete with a call to love and shunning of evil, and a call to charity, support for the vulnerable, and working towards a better society and better world. Therefore, being a member of Legion Maria allows one to operate according to certain ethical and moral principles that assist him to have a better life.

7.         Sense of belonging

Simeo Ondeto served orphans, widows and the vulnerable throughout his life on earth. He gave them a home and provided them with food while teaching them to dedicate their lives to the service of God. In fact, Legion Maria has been a great place for those who need a home and need to feel loved and belonging. According to the tradition of the faith, members openly welcome their brethren and provide them with free shelter. Male priests and female nuns also offer invaluable counseling services for free.  If you need to feel you belong, Legion Maria will deliver that to you.

8.         Legion Maria is for all peoples of all tribes, races and nations

Simeo Ondeto founded a movement for the glorification of all men. While the faith first took root among the Luo of Kenya, it quickly spread to other tribes and countries. All people are admitted into the faith as long as they believe Simeo Melkio. They can worship God in their languages and serve him wherever they are, extending the glory of God to all nations. All cultures are admitted into the faith as long as they are not contrary to the teachings and will of the Lord. 

9.         Legion Maria is for people of all careers

There are no specific jobs or careers that are prohibited by Legion Maria teachings as long as the responsibilities/duties in the jobs/careers are moral and ethical and are in line with the word of God. You can be a teacher, lawyer, doctor, musician, designer, scientist, farmer, accountant, businessman, hawker, military officer etc. As long as your career does not compromise your faith, Legion Maria will make you better.

10.       Women can serve in leadership positions

Legion Maria has a female “priesthood” that runs from the chapel right up to the church headquarter. While the “priestesses” are not strictly counted among the orders of the church, the female nuns serve at the “altar” of Mary and are a critical arm of the church leadership. Just as male priests are called Father, the female ones have titles Mother. And while the female nuns do not serve in the altar of the Lord, they serve in the altar of Mary and have a leadership place in the church.