Tuesday, June 17, 2014


Simeo Ondeto taught many things. Today, I will sample his teachings on the unity of humanity.

“My children, I want you all to know that all humans are one. Let there be no divisions among you because of race, tribe, creed, or denominations. But as your God is one so must all of you be one. When you pray, therefore, pray for all humanity without discriminating those who do not belong to your denomination. I was not sent to witness to Africans alone, but to be a witness of the highest God to all humanity. And my witness is this: love fellow humans regardless of their tribes.” Simeo Ondeto, Sagegi, December 1959.

“God sent me to you because he loves you. He loves Africans as he loves other races. He does not want you to be lost. So, as I looked down from heaven and saw Africans being despised because of their black skin color, I felt it was good to come again as an African. The coming of God to Africa as an African helps to elevate the black skin. But it was not my intention to elevate Africans above other races. I came to preach equality and unity of humanity. You are all one.” Simeo Ondeto, Raha, January 12, 1962.

“I know many of you are now asking why Simeo Ondeto had to come on earth. Yes, that is a good question. I am the firstborn son of God and you are all my brothers and sisters. I came to teach you the right things and save you from sin and evil. I came to ask you to love one another and live in harmony regardless of your skin color, race or tribe. Up in heaven, there are no tribes. There is only a single family of God. Therefore, preach peace and unity and shun tribalism.” Simeo Ondeto, Got Kwer, August 17, 1964.

“They have done terrible things to you and me because of religion. We have been arrested, ostracized, and insulted because of our beliefs.  The Roman Catholics think they know God better than others. They also think they are on the right track than we are. I choose to forgive them because they are only blind. Religion is love and good works, not creeds and intolerance. There are so many people who are not Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, Muslims and Legio Maria in heaven. In heaven, you are not asked about your tribe or religion, but you face the test of your holiness. You are judged as a human being, not a religious person.” Simeo Ondeto, Ephesus Nzoia, December 23, 1969.

“Mama Maria is my true mother. Not because of her tribe or religion, but because of her holiness and humility. There is no one among humans who has exceeded her in humility. I listen to her a lot because I know how much love she has for fellow humans. She embodies that which is good in the Kingdom of God. She is the mother of all races and the epitome of genuine worship. If there is anybody among you who follows her example in humility, that person must rise above tribe and denomination. God knows no tribes.” Simeo Ondeto, Makindani Mombasa, 1972.

“When you pray to God, avoid using foreign languages. God will hear you in your own tongue. Our Father is the God of the deaf and the mute also. He does not discriminate against anyone and responds to prayers from all humans regardless of the way they pray or the place where they pray. God judges by motives and knows the stirrings of every heart that makes prayers to HIM.” Simeo Ondeto, Jerusalem Amoyo, May 23, 1974.

“Religion is a spiritual search not the practicing of customs. As a search, humans can do it differently. God has allowed for that freedom. But when humans practice religion as a series of static customs, it becomes irrelevant and useless for the advancement of the highest spiritual goal of eternal life. Therefore, religion should never be a competition. It should never cause wars and strife. Instead, it should bring unity of ends.” Simeo Ondeto, Jerusalem Amoyo, June 14, 1978.

“I am black not because I hate white or red. Black is as good a color as white and blue and red. When black, I have a purpose just as I had a purpose when I was white or brown.” Simeo Ondeto, Manyatta, July 4, 1979.

“The foolish says in his heart: I am better than them. But the wise says in his heart: we are all the same.” Simeo Ondeto, Kodero, April 19, 1980.

“Do not despise SDAs; they are searching for God in scriptures. Sometimes they find God, sometimes they do not. Searching is a manual job with no guaranteed wages. In their search for me, some will not find me but I will not take that against them. I will keep inspiring their search so that humanity can learn its religious unity and shun its religious differences.” Simeo Ondeto, Obunga, 1985.

“When I came down to earth, I found Africa under the yoke of colonialism. Whites despised blacks, and blacks hated whites. Bloodshed was rife and humanity suffered every day. Today, whites have left Africa and ethnic hatred still soars. The duty of religious people in all this should be preaching the inevitable unity of humanity, not the pettiness of doctrines.” Simeo Ondeto, Jerusalem Amoyo, May 20, 1988.

“My time as a human being is up. I see not many years ahead. From now on, my mantle will be born by you. You will be my witnesses to the world when I am gone. But I caution all of you: let none of you preach or practice religious hatred in my name.” Simeo Ondeto, Ephesus Nzoia, December 24, 1989.

“God is the father of all humans of all races. He has no chosen races or people. All who claim that they are special because God has preferred them over others are liars. Let not anyone claim that I chose a race, a tribe, or a people. I came to the world and interacted with you, but that gives you no special place in the Kingdom of God. Only your good works will earn you a place in my Kingdom.” Simeo Ondeto, Barding Mission, Alego, September 2, 1991.