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Testimony of Deacon Tobias Daniel Oloo

Legio Maria belief that Simeo Ondeto is God is founded on a public revelation that occurred at Johannes Baru’s home in Suna Migori. All who were present, over a thousand people, heard about a mighty roar of many voices coming from Kachola Hill to Johannes Baru’s home. All of them were filled with the Holy Spirit. All of them had their eyes opened and they saw angels and saints worshipping Ondeto. All of them heard the seven names of Ondeto. All of them started worshipping Simeo Ondeto as God on that day. Because I have talked to people who were there and who experienced the revelation, and they have confirmed the truth of the public revelation, I believe that Simeo Ondeto is God.


I was born in 1984 in Nyakweri village, Mfangano Island, Suba District. I belong to the tribe of the first Legio Maria pope Timotheo Atila. I belong to the Suba tribe because both my father and mother are complete Subas.  My father Elly Oloo was never a man of religion before he joined Legio Maria. Elly Oloo is a polygamous man who practiced and followed African tradition. He never accepted Christianity as worth his attention and often ignored the preachers that visited his home with much contempt. Elly Oloo married two wives, the first one being Beldine Aoko from Rachuonyo District (a luo) and Mary Atieno from Suba District, a complete Suba.

A Big Family

Beldine Aoko, the first wife gave birth to nine children: Gilbert, Evaline, Thomas, Rael, Anna, Ruth, Philip, George and Juliet. Mary gave birth to seven children: Maurine, Tobias, Moses, Peter, Catherine, Christine, and Jacinta. Elly Oloo, a primary school teacher, was always determined to have his children get basic needs, especially food, clothing, shelter, and education. With the assistance of two able wives, Elly was always on the path to success.

Elly Oloo Converted To Legio Maria

Elly Oloo never went to any church any week. In fact, his opposition to his wives attending weekly services was evident in the way he treated them when they returned home. Oloo would want everything prepared, including meals, before the two wives left for church. Mary Atieno was a Roman Catholic while Beldine Aoko was a Seventh Day Adventist. But the requirements really got tough when they were late from church. Elly Oloo would never tolerate any of this.

However, around 1979, one of Elly Oloo’s most beloved sons, Thomas Mboya Odhiambo got ill. Elly was determined to see Thomas recover and proceed with schooling, but this was not going to be possible. He went round the country seeking medical attention, but all in vain. Thomas was admitted at Kenyatta National Hospital for months and later discharged, but he soon got ill again and this time round, it was worse. Elly sought cure everywhere he could, but Thomas was not healed.

One night as he slept, Elly dreamt of visiting a certain beautiful home. In the dream Elly saw a star direct him to that home in which several people dressed in robes prayed. There, in that home, he dreamt to have found a solution for his son’s sickness. After this dream, it only took Elly a few days to learn of Baba Simeo Ondeto. Ondeto was now based in Jerusalem Amoyo in Kadem, and was being called a great prophet and man of God. So Elly left home and went to Kadem with his son Thomas to seek help from Simeo Ondeto.

Simeo Ondeto Knows Elly By Name

According to Elly Oloo, Simeo Ondeto had known he was visiting Jerusalem even before he arrived. Thus, a man was sent by Ondeto to meet him by the gate of St. Mary Jerusalem Amoyo Church as soon as Elly Oloo arrived. The man led Elly to Ondeto’s Glorious Seat, where Elly was told of the reasons why he visited Jerusalem even before he spoke. Elly was immediately astounded. “Here is a man I had not seen and who does not know me, but how does he know why I am here?” Elly asked himself. Then, Simeo Ondeto got hold of the boy Thomas Mboya, breathed on him, and Mboya recovered.
Now, Elly wanted to leave with his son, but Simeo Ondeto asked him not to do so. Instead, Simeo asked him to send for the child’s mother to come and live with the boy at Jerusalem Amoyo for some time. The motive of Ondeto’s proposal was not known by Elly Oloo, but he accepted it because he wanted life for his son and he had seen Thomas well and playing again. Soon, Beldine went to Jerusalem Amoyo to watch over his son in that prayerful environment. Both Elly Oloo and Beldine became Legio Marias due to this event.

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The Death and Burial of Thomas Mboya Oloo

Thomas Mboya did not get sick again for some two months. So, Elly Oloo was back to his teaching job. But on the third month of stay at Jerusalem Amoyo, Thomas became sick again. Instead of healing the boy this time round, Simeo Ondeto sent for word that Elly Oloo should see him as soon as possible in Jerusalem. So, Elly left home again and returned to Jerusalem Amoyo where Legio Maria was now tentatively headquartered. It is Simeo Ondeto that broke the news to Elly Oloo that Thomas was not going to live again. It was the will of God and it could not be prevented: this was the message.

The message that one of his beloved sons was going to die was unbelievable and painful. Elly could not take it except with sobs. Two days passed, and Thomas died. The Oloo family was hit by bitter mourning and Beldine could not be consoled. However, after one day, the message from Baba Simeo consoled their hearts and they even accepted to bury Thomas Mboya Oloo in Jerusalem Amoyo. Following the burial of Thomas, Elly and Beldine were given a team of Legio Marias to take them home. So, against the wishes of the clan, Elly’s mother Rael Nyobar and Elly’s father Otieno Kwasi, Thomas was buried at Jerusalem Amoyo.

Back Home without Thomas

When Elly arrived home in a canoe and with a band of Legio Maria faithful, the furious clan members had to shelve their planned beating of their culturally strayed son. However, they expressed extreme disgust for Elly’s entry into Legio Maria and his decision to bury Thomas away from home. Nonetheless, Legio Maria had found its way to Mfangano Island and was soon to spread to the many villages of the Island. 

On the island, the workings of the Holy Spirit in Legio Maria were evident. They exorcised evil spirits, healed the sick, had a real gift of prophecy, and through the laying of hands, they helped many others to receive the Holy Spirit. Among those who received the gift of prophecy at this early stage was Mary Atieno (my mother). Other people who belonged to this band of prophets included Odira Osuku (Soklo), Salome Okeyo (from Yokia, but married in Uozi), and Dorkas Ogutu (Uozi). With these prophets and many other gifted people, Legio Maria was permanently established on this Island.


My Childhood Legio Maria Experience

As soon as I could tell what was going on, I realized that Legio Maria was really reliant on the Holy Spirit for its growth. Our home was visited by many prophets, priests, and Bishops of Legio Maria. Among the many whom I saw visit our home before 1991 were Priest Omolo MaloMalo, Bishop Olan’go, Priest Owigo Olan’g, a prophet only identified as Wuon Akuche, Priest On’gawo Aloo, prophet Oguda Osuku, prophet Michael Ran’gwa, and many others. In Mfangano Island, our home was the epicenter of Legio Maria activities. My dad gave a portion of his land for the construction of St. Joseph Legio Maria church, which became the parish.

Legio Maria was everything to us, the Oloo’s, to the extent that everything we did was always asked of Baba Simeo Ondeto. As long as there was a prophet around and Simeo Ondeto could speak to us spiritually, we would ask him everything and got answers that we took as the supreme truth. And at home, we had Mary Atieno as the prophet through whom Ondeto could speak to us spiritually. I remember attending the first ever Legio Maria procession (Mandamano) that went round the entire Island in June 1991. Only two children attended the procession, Philip Oloo and Tobias Oloo. It was a hectic and long walk that took us three days of walking, both day and night.

As a young boy assisting in the altar, I was always close to the priests and prophets that came home. Often, they used to take me with them to local meetings around Mfangano Island as one of the mass servers. I used to listen to their sweet tales about their God Simeo Ondeto. Sometimes they debated among themselves; sometimes they seemed to concur on some issues; and at other times they differed on their understanding of the religious movement. However, the debates were always resolved by a higher authority, such as bishop, if present. This allowed the understanding of Legio Maria and Baba Simeo to come through very easily to them.

Scorn from Classmates

As early as nursery school, I used to be scorned about my faith. The scorn came from the children we played with together, but who belonged to other faiths by birth. Sometimes, the scorn came from teachers, especially when they taught us about the Bible stories. I never understood the real reasons for their scorn, but certainly, it was inconveniencing to be insulted that I worshipped a man, whom by this time I had not seen. The scorns, however, did not have much impact on me because it was occasional and I never really understood their meaning. I must confess that the worst scorn came in 1991. This was the year Simeo Ondeto died. How the kids knew about it was really a mystery to me then. But as we left class to play some games, they started singing a mocking song upon me saying: “Ondeto went to heaven with a torn trouser. Go chased him away saying: go back to earth quickly.”

Simeo Ondeto Comes to Mbita, Kasgunga

My first direct experience came with Ondeto’s visit of Kasgunga, Mbita. I was too young and went in the care of my mom. The event must have taken place in 1989. And as kids who attended these prayers, we never got interested in anything he said or did, except we were called to him for blessings, which he did.

The Greatest Shocks: Simeo Ondeto Dies

One of the greatest shocks of my life was the death of Simeo Ondeto. I must say, nothing touched me in my childhood as this and the poverty levels at our home. On the 8th /9/1991 when the news was broken to us, I had no good plan for attending church. Instead, I had planned to play soccer with my cousins and brothers. Very early in the morning, I was asked to go prepare the altar, which I did. After doing this, I took the polythene ball that we had built for our soccer games and left home.

Church service used to begin at around 9:00 a.m. and ended at 1:00 p.m. The prayers consisted of songs, a catena, a rosary, and teaching. If a priest was present, the church would attend mass and partake of the holy sacrament. After service, which occurred inside the thatched hut, we would sing and process to the front of a flag (Mary’s flag) erected outside the church, just near the gate, to conclude our prayers. (These days, Legio Maria concludes prayers before a cross).

I was called at around 12:00 noon that Simeo Ondeto (or Baba according to my caller), wanted to speak to me. That day, the parish was full because most Legio Maria faithful from Mfangano had gathered for a common meet. Among those present were Samwel Odenga, Tembu Otieno, Salome Okeyo, and Dorkas Aoko, the local members from Nyakweri, my sisters and brothers, including Corporal Joseph Oloo. So it was a surprise that I was called from where I was playing.  When I arrived, Baba Simeo was speaking through my mother, Mary Atieno. I was admonished against leaving church to play football on Sunday. I was asked to make sure that the altar is cared for properly. 

After talking to me, Simeo Ondeto turned to other teachings. Then towards the close of his teachings, he broke the news to us. We did not understand what he was saying, but it got clearer to us after we left church. He asked us to pray for him. We pleaded that we could not pray for God. But he insisted that his body was in a bad place and state as he was speaking to us. We insisted that his body could not be in a bad place or state because he was God. Then he opened up and said that his body meant his children. That something had struck Legio Maria and his spiritual children were troubled in their hearts. After accepting his plea that we pray for his body (children), he concluded his teachings and we had to take another complete rosary of prayers.
When we had completed our prayers just before the flag of Mary, a woman who was our neighbor stood in wait to break the news to us. So after we greeted and settled, she came and asked us if we had listened to any news. We said no. In fact, our home had not even a radio during those days so we could have not listened to news anyway. She told us that the Kenya Broadcasting Corporation (KBC) had announced that Baba Simeo Melkio Ondeto was dead.

The news was a shocker. I personally shed tears. My sister-in-law Claris Anyango cried. Silence fell upon the gathered congregation for minutes. Then it was decided that one of those present should go and confirm the message. The rest were to go and wait for the report at our home. So instead of further discussions over church matters, the entire congregation left for our home. In a matter of two hours, we confirmed the message. Baba Simeo was dead! Furthermore, we got the report of the planned date of burial, which was around a week later (14/9/1991). So, the entire Mfangano Parish got into immediate plans on how to get a boat, food, and other supplies, and prepare for the journey the following week. I must really say the message shocked everyone in our parish.

Going to Simeo Ondeto’s Burial

The plans to travel to Jerusalem Amoyo where Simeo’s body was still lying were made as quickly as possible.  Within three days, our boat left for Mfangano to the nearest Island of Ringiti to pick the other faithful. By 12th, the itinerary had landed in Mihuru Bay near Kadem and the journey was taken to Jerusalem. Most of our members went on foot. Arriving at night, our group found when there had been intense controversies over the place of burial of Simeo Ondeto. The controversies had caused an Apostolic Meeting, which too did not resolve anything because people differed immensely. During this entire duration, Simeo Ondeto did not talk to the gathered congregation at Jerusalem in the Holy Spirit. 

So, on the 12th night when Timotheo Atila had visited Calvary Hill to make preparations for the burial, Kadem had a meeting and decided to bury Simeo. Atila returned from Calvary quickly, got the help of the police, and exhumed the body. The events made it difficult for any members of our group to see the body of Simeo Ondeto. Before the group could rest and plan on how to see the body, word went round that Simeo Ondeto’s body was already taken to Calvary. This forced the group to make quick plans and leave for Calvary. So, finally, Mfangano parish was there to witness the final send-off of Simeo Ondeto.


I was born in Legio Maria, so I grew up calling Simeo Ondeto as God. But there were always serious challenges to my faith, especially the questions asked by my peers as we grew up. Sometimes, I believed they asked genuine questions and so I used to ask the priests of Legio Maria for answers. I must say the journey to my full conviction that Ondeto is God was long and internal. I grew in knowledge of Legio Maria, but tested it with the truth of other books, sources, and religions. The more I advanced in the study of other faiths, the more I began to appreciate that Ondeto was and is indeed God.

Simeo Ondeto Talks upon Death

Saying that someone talks while dead can be a hard-to-believe thing. To Legio Maria faithful, however, the phenomenon of spiritual communication with Ondeto both before and after death continued in different places. At our Church in Mfangano Island, we actually talked to Ondeto (the spiritual) Ondeto while he was dead. Ondeto used to possess his adherents and speak as a spiritual voice through them. This was something quite unique and unfamiliar. Before Ondeto’s coming, spiritual possession of another person by another who is alive was something unimaginable. Ondeto achieved this. In fact, many Legio attest of Ondeto sometimes speaking the same things in different spiritual possessions at different places.

Public Revelation at Johannes Baru’s Home

Legio Maria belief that Simeo Ondeto is God is founded on a public revelation that occurred at Johannes Baru’s home in Suna Migori. All who were present, over a thousand people, heard about a mighty roar of many voices coming from Kachola Hill to Johannes Baru’s home. All of them were filled with the Holy Spirit. All of them had their eyes opened and they saw angels and saints worshipping Ondeto. All of them heard the seven names of Ondeto. All of them started worshipping Simeo Ondeto as God on that day. Because I have talked to people who were there and who experienced the revelation, and they have confirmed the truth of the public revelation, I believe that Simeo Ondeto is God. Those who were there like Romanus On’gombe are still alive to this day (May 23, 2014).

Real Spiritual Power

From my experience as a Legio Maria, I have actually known that there is real spiritual power in Legio Maria through Simeo Ondeto. My mother was a lay ordinary woman. But when possessed of the Spirit of prophecy, she could predict so many things that she could have not known about other people. My mother also prayed and healed so many people as I watched. Another spiritually powerful prophet I knew from my childhood was Salome Okeyo. Okeyo was a prophet of no mean power. Sick people, including my dad were healed through her as I watched. The miracles performed by Bishop Olan’go are some I am familiar with. Similarly, the spiritual power of priest Daniel Okeyo Ayot and some of the miracles I have seen with my eyes.  In Legio Maria, Simeo Ondeto gave all people the authority to pray to and heal the sick. That is why almost all Legio belong first to the Order of the Michaels. Prayers have helped so many people. I am also familiar with the spiritual powers of Romanus On’gombe and Romanus Odongo. 

While some may be deceptive prophets, as any human being can be a liar, I have believed these people because of the closeness I have been in contact with them. I have been able to confirm that nothing they did or said as prophets came from lies.  They truly were possessed of the spirit of prophecy and they did many things. Many of the people I am familiar with their spiritual powers are still alive till today and they bare witness of this things.

Simeo Ondeto Is Completely Holy

Before I could confirm the true holiness of Simeo Ondeto, I took my time to discuss him with great Legio Maria authorities.  The people whose testimonies I have taken include Romanus On’gombe, Susana nyar Ouma, Owino Obimbo, and the general testimony of Legio Maria. I had a long and frank chat with Susana nyar Ouma in 7th January 2010 at Mawego Kobuya. The reason why I had to get Susana’s testimony was in relation to the claim that she was Simeo Ondeto’s wife.  To verify this, I got six hours with Susana under a tree and this is what she told me:
  Susana: “Tobias, Baba Simeo was God. He was truly holy. People can say anything they wish to say but you should not be so gullible as to believe them. First, I met Simeo when I was a young girl. It was in a market where I had gone with my father. I do not know where Simeo was coming from or going to. But when my dad was busy in the market and I had been left seated in a shade, a young man in his early twenties came and asked me to take care of a small heifer (cow) he had brought into the market. I was in my teens but was not aware of anything about men. So there was no conversation between us except I took care of the cow for him and he never returned again to pick it. By evening we left the market with the cow and went home. I never saw him again. But after five years, when I was in Nairobi as a domestic help of my sister, he appeared to me again. This time he entered a bus I was traveling in from the market to our estate.  I could not recognize him. But when he was seated next to me, we entered into a long talk until he reminded me of our encounter in the market where he had left me to take care of his cow. So, I remembered whom he was. It was on this day that he promised he would return home after the Mau Mau war to lead us (people) to God. I saw him three times when I was in Nairobi, but in those occasions he was just talking about people leaving sin and going to God. He was also concerned about the independence of African countries from colonialism.
Deacon Tobias: Did he ever ask you to be his wife?
Susana: No. absolutely no. I was married to a man called Augustinus Gucha, back home. As for Simeo, he was so mysterious that even a girl or a woman would have not desired anything to do with him. Let me tell you Tobias that sometimes when we had cooked food for him and went to wake him up while he was asleep, we would find that he was swollen in body size as to make any person run away in fear. There was an incident in which the Bishops tore his clothes by force to find out if he was really a man. Well, they found he was neither man nor woman. Simeo was not a man. He could become what he wanted. He could become white, brown, and black. He could become a child, a woman, and a spirit. There was no way he could have become anybody’s husband. 
Tobias: How did you begin to work for him?
Susana: After he did a miracle at Nyandago Catholic Church? I was in the church when the heaven opened and a voice said that Simeo was the son of God. That is the day I decided to work for him. I went home and told my dad that I was going to Legio Maria, to follow Simeo.  I was trusted by the Apostolic Council to be the one caring for his food and all his items. But I was not alone. There were other women and men we worked with. 
Tobias: You could have done this and still lived in your husband’s home?
Susana: Yes, Tobias. But remember I was a barren woman and my husband despised me for this. I had several problems with him at home. In Legio Maria, I found a home and company. I found a place of peace and of spiritual growth.
Tobias: Can you remember any incidence when Simeo committed evil? 
Susana: No. I cannot remember. Simeo was humble and loving. He loved and cared for all. He condemned all manner of evil. Even those who insulted him he never answered back. Those who persecuted him he never cursed. He was sinless. Completely.

The same testimony of holiness was repeated by Owino Obimbo, On’gombe Romanus, and the general Legio Maria community. Even those he worked for as domestic help such as Lucia and Anton Ooro testified that Simeo was absolutely honest, truthful and a good worker.

Simeo Ondeto Knew Everything and Could Be Everywhere at Ago

Making such a conclusion was indeed hard. It is hard to make of any person living. However, according to the testimony of his brother (Owino Obimbo), those who lived with him as a young man, those he worked for, and the general Legio Maria community that spent many years with him, he knew everything. For instance, Legio Maria faithful attest that Simeo knew every person who went to him even if he had never met such a person before. His predictions came true. He knew the thoughts and hearts of men. He could speak everywhere else as a spiritual being in possession of other people. Many prophets attest to seeing Simeo at different places at the same day. According to their experiences, the experiences in which I share, Simeo knew everything.

Simeo Ondeto Was Worshipped

Legio Maria worshipped Simeo Ondeto as God while he was still alive in the flesh. They fell (prostrated) to the ground in worship and reverence whenever they approached his Glorious Presence. He lived for many years as God on earth with followers going to him and worshipping him. Just by fact that he was worshipped by his brothers and sisters, a huge band of followers, and even met opposition for his claim to be God while he was alive is a testimony that at least he is God of/to some people. Moreover, even during his life, Legio Marias prayed in his name and had their prayers answered. They also exorcised evil spirits in his name and the spirits left. So Simeo Ondeto is God.

Deacon Tobias Oloo