Thursday, April 28, 2016

Legion Maria Movement: From Mt. Sinai to Got Kwer

To the faithful in Simeo Melkio, the glory of God, peace and grace be upon you.
Brethren, the chief end of man is to glorify God and enjoy him forever. Indeed, there is no honor greater than being in the glorious presence of God forever.
In the past, man disobeyed God and was removed from the presence of God, destined to be lost forever.
But God who is generously merciful remembered us and drew out a plan for our return to his glory.
He called Abraham and made a covenant with his descendants. Then he used Abraham’s descendant, Jesus, to redeem the whole world, making all men worthy of entering the presence of God.
Today, he has revealed this glory through Simeo Melkio in a mighty way.
For the Lord himself was revealed amongst us with his saints and angels at John Baru’s home and thereafter demonstrated his glory and power in many ways.

The Era of Glory

Brethren, when the glory of God was revealed, the eyes of those present were opened to see the glorious throne of heaven where our Lord Simeo Melkio sits to judge the living and the dead.
They communed with the holy ones of heaven and had a foretaste of the crown of eternal life that awaits us.
They were filled with the Holy Spirit and shouted the names of the holy ones of heaven, declaring openly that the era of glory had arrived.
It was an experience like no other; and they fell down in worship and honor to Simeo Melkio, the glory of God manifest in human form.
And after that experience, they could no longer walk in shoes in the presence of Simeo Melkio just like Moses could not move near the burning bush in his sandals.
They kept their shoes away from the presence of Simeo Melkio just like Joshua was commanded to approach the presence of God without shoes.
They could no longer share the same seats with him, reserving a higher place in their midst for him who was from above.
They fell before him, approaching his seat of glory while on their bellies, knowing that they were in the presence of him who existed before creation.
When he blessed them, they saw the fruits of his blessings in their lives. And when he breathed on them, his potent breath cured their illnesses and removed their bondage.
He poured his spirit into his disciples, speaking and working miracles and wonders through them, yet living amongst them in the flesh.
His smile and his stammer on words caused the Holy Spirit to descend upon the faithful like a rainstorm.
His home became the refuge of thousands of orphans and widows, and his life a model for those who desire to enter the glory of God.
He went to prison to defend with his blood the freedom of worship, but always taught that the unity of humanity must never be endangered by differences in religious beliefs.
He left the Roman Catholic Church but was always a champion of Catholicism who repeatedly taught that he came so that all men could be united under one God and one glory.
He spoke when dead, appeared after death and lives forever.

One Son of God

Brethren, Simeo Melkio is the same son of God who was present with the father at creation.
As a spiritual being, he was present with Noe during the flood, with Joseph in Potiphar’s house, with Moses and the Israelites in the desert, and with the prophets and holy ones of the past.
In the flesh, he appeared to Abraham as Melchizedek, lived in Israel as Jesus, and has appeared amongst us as Simeo Melkio.
He is one person and one son of God but known by different names according to the people he has been revealed to.
The son of God has taken up flesh as Simeo Melkio to become one of us according to the will of the father in order to lead us to our father’s house in heaven.
Simeo the Glory of God is the redemption promised by God to all men. Through him is the call of all who have strayed away from God and in him is the blotting out of all transgressions and restoration of all men to glory.
Through Simeo, God has come down so we can go up. And in him, the hidden glory of God has been revealed so that all men can partake in it.
He is our hope and our life, our joy and our pride. In his presence, we are eternal stars in the kingdom of God.
He is the light shining forever before the throne of paradise, having moved from the right hand of the father and taken possession of that which the father promised him as his inheritance before creation.
He now reigns and shines, adored by the saints, served by the angels and ruling the kingdom of God.
We go to him at the end of our earthly sojourn, hoping to find mercy and favor in his presence so we can rule and reign with him forever.
And as he is one with the father so are we one with him, connected by the abiding power of the Holy Spirit.

In Him is Heaven

In Simeo Melkio, we go to heaven, a place of rest from the labors of the earth. We enter the glory of God so we can get the just reward for our labor.
In heaven there is no trouble and toil; no dull action. We enjoy complete rest from self-denial, grief and struggle.
In the glory of God, our only employment is serving God endlessly. In heaven, the saints come together to sing songs of praise before the throne of God, filling heaven with glorious melodies.
In the glory of God, we join Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and take our places among the blessed, happy members of God’s household.
Heaven is God’s house, but in the house are many mansions. The mansions are the places of abode that God has prepared for us.
In the mansions, we find enough and suitable accommodation for all of us, whether small or great, low or high, poor or rich, unwise or wise, free or bound.
There is enough room for men of all races, conditions, circumstances and nations. And every person who comes to the lord finds a suitable place in heaven.
Brethren, we must seek heaven fervently regardless of our present state of sin because there is enough room for all of us.
While we do not know how soon each of us will die, the greater thing is that God has prepared mansions for us in heaven and sent his son Simeo Melkio to lead us home.
Therefore, as we live this life, let us seek the glory of God so we may be found worthy of places in God’s house.
Let us also pray so that the world may know Simeo the Glory and know his father who sent him.
May his glory be with you all.