Thursday, June 4, 2015

Legio Maria Doctrines: Superiority Holy Spirit over Scriptures

I thank our Lord and God, Simeo Melkio Messiah for calling me to his glory.

This glory was promised more than 2000 years ago by Jesus of Nazareth before the end of his mission. For when Jesus knew his death was drawing near, he told his disciples about his father’s house and the glorious heavenly throne. He told them that in his father’s house are many mansions and that he was going back to heaven to prepare places for them and would come back again to take them with him to heaven. This promise of the glorious return of the son of God was repeated by the angels who stood by Jesus’ grave.

No One Knows the Hour

And when Jesus disciples were excited about the promise of glory, they sought further answers from the Lord, inquiring persistently what time those things would come to pass. But Jesus told them bluntly that of the day and the hour, no one knows except the father in heaven. And so, while Jesus spoke passionately about the signs of his second coming and described some of the things that would come to pass before that hour, he did not and could not reveal the day and time of such events.

The Holy Spirit Shall Tell You Everything

But before Jesus had died, he made another exciting promise to his disciples. He promised them of the coming of the helper, the Holy Spirit, who would tell and teach them everything, even the things that Jesus himself had not or could not reveal to them. He, the Holy Spirit, would guide them into all truth, opening their minds to the knowledge of God, and infusing them with power and gifts for serving God.

The Holy Spirit of the Father and Son

The Holy Spirit is God, and he communicates the will of God to men. He knows the plans of the father because he is the spirit of the father. And he knows the plans of the son because he is the spirit of the son. He can reveal the hidden will of the father to all men, and he can reveal the redemptive acts of the son to all men. He is the spirit that led Abraham, Isaac and Jacob; He is the guide that helped Moses and Joshua; He is the one who inspired Prophets Elijah, Ezekiel, Isaiah and all other prophets; He is the one who fell upon the disciples of Jesus during the Pentecostal Day; and He is the one who led Christianity to global triumph.

The Spirit Knows the Day and Hour

Because he is the spirit of the father, he knows the plans of the father. And since only the father knows the day and hour of the second coming of Jesus; only his spirit knows and can reveal the time. The Holy Spirit is one with the father and he is in the father just as the father is in Him. The father cannot hide any plans from his own spirit and his spirit is, therefore, in perpetual knowledge of what the father has planned.

Holy Spirit is Superior to Scriptures

The scriptures are a product of the work of the Holy Spirit. In fact, scriptures are records of the progressive self-revelation of God to men through the Holy Spirit. They are records of the human experiences of God. And since the Holy Spirit is the helper, arch-revealer and true-author of the scriptures through inspiration of the writers, He is above the scriptures.

 All scripture is inspired by the Holy Spirit and is therefore a product of the work of the Spirit. A product is not bigger than the producer just as the end of a stream is not bigger than the source. So which is above the other? Certainly, the Holy Spirit is superior to the scriptures. The scriptures are the work of the Holy Spirit so they cannot be above the spirit.

Endless Inspiration by the Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit is eternal and his help to the people of God has never and will never cease. He reveals God today just as he revealed God to men in the past. And while what he has revealed today may not form part of the Old Testament or New Testament, the message is still as useful and holy as the message revealed in the past and recorded in the Bible.

Moreover, since truth has history and God reveals his truth progressively, what the Holy Spirit says today is a powerful and critical addition to what had been revealed before. In fact, today’s revelation should help men to understand the revelations of the past better and more lucidly.

And while truth from the same God should be consistent so that the past revelation remains in consonance with the present revelation, God is sovereign and chooses to reveal his truth through the Holy Spirit in ways that are in line with his will and without restricting himself to scriptural consistency and logic. And as his servants, ours is to learn what he has revealed and to obey his will.

God Deals With Us in Our Time

While scriptural arguments and logic can only create more Pharisees and Sadducees, the Holy Spirit brings us to the glorious presence and knowledge of the father. Our God knows us so well and deals with us directly during our time.  He does not deal with us today as if we live in the past, but he deals with us as those living in the present world. And he has given us his Holy Spirit today to lead us into serving him well today.

The Glory of God Was Revealed by the Holy Spirit

And today, God has revealed to us through his Holy Spirit that his son has come again. On Friday, March 9th 1962, when 1,150 people were gathered at John Baru’s home in Suna Migori, the Holy Spirit came down in wind and song, right from Kachola Hill to John Baru’s home. The Spirit of God filled all the people present, opened their eyes at once, and enable them, to experience the power and glory of God.

They saw angels and saints coming down to earth upon the clouds of heaven, and they saw Simeo Melkio seated on his glorious throne of heaven, passing judgment; and the hosts of heaven bowed and prostrated before him. Then, the spirit took control of Siprianus Ochieng and spoke to the gathering, declaring Simeo Ondeto Messias as the second Christ.

Therefore, the truth that has been revealed to us by the Holy Spirit today is that the son of God, who took up flesh as Jesus of Nazareth, has come again and taken up flesh as Simeo Melkio Ondeto. That the Christ of faith who exists eternally as spirit has become man again to fulfill the promise of God; and that he is giving glory and life to all men today. This truth has been revealed by the Holy Spirit who is above scriptures.