Wednesday, May 10, 2017

I Have Overcome In The Name of Simeo: A Prayer for Help

God Almighty,
Maker of the universe and all in it,
I call on you in the name of Simeo,
For in Simeo, your Glory dwells with us,
In Simeo Melkio, the holy ones have ascended,
Taking their places in the mansions of heaven,
The coming of Simeo has set us free,
Each one of us given wings of victory,
Each one of us flying into our everlasting home,

Where all of us get the just rewards for our work,
Where all of us live in your presence forever,
With no more pain and no more death,
Singing wondrous praise to the Almighty God;
Make contact with me now and improve my life;
Dear God, Everlasting Father,
I beseech you,
Send your Helper to direct my every step,
Send your Holy Spirit to lead me home,
Help me to know your will,
Stick me on the path you have set for me,
Give me the desire to stay true to your ways,
And forgive me for the many times I have strayed from you.
Help my friends and family, who are in difficult moments,
Help all your children who are at crossroads,
 And don’t know what to do next,
Send your Holy Spirit to help all of them,
Guide them to know your will,
And help them to make the best decisions.
Almighty God,
I give you thanks for caring about me,
I praise you for bothering about every detail of my life,
And for responding to every request I make to you;
I pray this in the name of Simeo Melkio,

Almighty God,
Author of life, source of hope,
Commander of spiritual soldiers, giver of victory,
I come before you now,
I come as a child would go to a father,
But you are a better father,
 Because you know my troubles before I mention them,
God, I call on you in the name of Simeo,
The mighty name you have given us,
The only name through which your glory is received,
A name of power and efficacy,
Make contact with me now,
Fill me with your grace,
Release enough power to help my situation,
Help me to magnify you,
Release your holy wisdom through me,
Use me to manifest your love in the world,
Use me to expand your kingdom;
Beloved heavenly Father,
I commend my spirit to you,
Burn all evil out of my life,
Remove all evil from my thoughts,
Blot all evil from my word and deed,
Give me holiness which I desire,
So that I am completely released from the bondage of evil,
And prepared for admission into your Paradise,
In the name of Simeo,

Simeo Melkio, I call on you,
Everlasting love, I come before you,
I kneel before you, my Glorious Lord,
I bow my head in the face of your Unfailing Light,
Descend now, O Mighty King,
Hear me, O Marvelous Master;
Simeo, I am sinner,
Hopelessly lost in mortal sins,
But this moment I come before you,
I kneel with regret and guilt over my past sins,
Forgive my sins, O Merciful Lord,
Remind me of your forgiveness of all my sins,
Please let me feel your boundless mercy,
Set my mind free from all feeling of guilt;
Set me free, I beg you Lord,
Declare me holy before the throne of God;
O Pride of the Angels,
Melkio, Victory of the Saints,
 Son of God, I plead with you,
Assist me in all my trials,
Do not abandon me when I need you most;
My Lord, descend now,
King of Kings, come now,
Lodvikus, come help me,
Enure, come blot my sins,
Laurida, come heal my soul,
Ohulo, come train my mind,
Hosea, come deliver me,
Melkio, come set me free,
My God, come transform me;
Transform me now, transform my life;
I pray this in the name of Simeo,

Simeo Melkio,
You are my helper,
You are my redeemer,
You are my strength and my refuge,
In the hours of deep trouble, I flee into your safe sanctuary,
In the moments of trouble, you are my asylum;
When things fall apart in my life, you remain standing,
When all hope is lost for me, you remind me of my life’s purpose,
All my life you have stood by my side,
And at no moment have you disappointed me,
That is why I trust you,
And have only you as my God;
That is why at this moment,
I call your name because I need your help;
Help me good God,
Give me the power to overcome my trials,
Give me the passion to pursue my dreams,
Give me the will to work for the realization of my goals,
Remove want and misery from my life,
Grant me a life with good supply,
And meet the supply for everything I need in this life;
Simeo Melkio, I need your holy presence in my life,
Come take control of my life,
Come bring peace and serenity in my world,
For with you all things are possible,
With you I can overcome,
With you I shall overcome,
With you I have overcome my obstacles this day,
With you I am free from the yoke of evil,
With you all things shall fall under my feet,
I shall overcome,
I have overcome,
Today, this moment,
In the name of Simeo,