Saturday, May 13, 2017

Simeo, Good God: Prayer for Help

Simeo Melkio,
The Glory of God,
Christ, we kneel before you,
Hosea, we come before you,
You are the one sent to us by the Father,
To reveal to us the Glory of the Invisible God,
Revealing the Glory unknown to men since the beginning of time,
Revealing the glory available to us,
Which the saints have obtained,
Which today we can obtain,
Simeo whose Glory was revealed in the home of John Baru,
When the hosts of heaven came down in song,

Singing praises to the victorious King,
Declaring Simeo the King of heaven and earth,
Announcing arrival of the Lord of Glory,
Proclaiming the joy of saints who have ascended,
Declaring the delight of the faithful angels,
Together the saints joined in praise,
Together the angels joined in worship,
Face down in worship to the Everlasting King,
Dwelling on earth but reigning in the heavens,
Alive as a man but moving as a spirit,
Indwelling fellow men and speaking through them,
Being in one place but doing wonders everywhere,
Teaching men holiness and admitting saints in heaven,
Given a seat on earth but on the throne in heaven,
Simeo, Ohulo, Light of God,
We call you now Mighty King,
We call you now Wonderful Lord,
Descend now from heaven, good God,
Release a mighty spiritual power around us,
Take control of our whole being,
Fill our lives with light and love,
Take control of our service now,
In the name of Simeo,

Simeo Melkio,
During your earthly ministry,
You said it clearly to us,
 Sons of Africa,
Daughters of Africa,
My Father sent me to you,
To show you the way to the Father,
My Father sent me to you,
To harvest your souls into his kingdom,
My Father sent me to you,
To bring you into his presence,
My Father sent me to you,
To take each of you home,
To bring all of you into the place already prepared,
With mansions ready for occupation by each of you,
Some believed you,
Some doubted you,
Some rejected you,
But the Holy King persisted in his work,
Teaching holiness to all men,
Harvesting souls for the Kingdom;
You loved us so much,
You went to prison for us,
Defending our right to know God,
Defending our right to gather in worship;
Because of us you were beaten like a thief,
Pulled half-naked at night from your sleep,
Dragged like a sack of waste over rocks,
Slapped like a child before your faithful,
Mocked like a fool by those you came to redeem,
But the Lord never gave up on us,
Working hard to establish a church,
An ark for harvesting souls into glory,
God of Africa,
Lion of the tribe of Luo,
Simeo whose name is glory,
Simeo who was before creation,
Simeo whose kingdom is everlasting,
Come right now Lord,
Come right now Melkio,
Take control now,
Shake us of all that is wrong,
Make us instruments for your kingdom,
And bring us into the presence of God,
To be admitted into glory forever,
In the name of Simeo,

Simeo you said to us,
That your glory is not of this world,
That your kingdom is not of this world,
That your kingdom is spiritual,
Bring us into the knowledge of the kingdom;
Simeo you are God,
You are above all,
Worthy is your name.
We humbly come before you,
Confessing that we are sinners,
What we have done with our lives deserve justice,
Our sins deserve justice and not mercy,
But Lord you have promised us mercy,
And every word of yours fills us with hope,
For you have said that you forgive those who repent,
You blot out the sins of those who regret their sins;
Master, we are here to repent,
We are before you to regret our sins,
We seek your grace today,
We need your forgiveness.
Simeo replace the guilt we feel,
Replace the shame we feel for our sins,
Be near each of us, who have done things they are ashamed to reveal,
Be the one we reveal all our shameful deeds to,
And forgive us Lord.
Ohulo be our trusted friend,
Melkio be the shoulder we lean on,
Be our confidant God,
And make us sense your forgiveness in our lives,
Hosea let us feel you near us,
Let us feel you around us,
Let us feel you over us,
Let us feel you in us,
Turn our lives around King of Kings,
Make us follow your path of righteousness,
Cut off all evil from our lives,
Make us a new creation,
Worthy of entry into your glory,
In the name of Simeo,

Simeo Melkio,
Your blessings are perfect,
When you bless us our lives change for good,
When you take control of us we become a new creation,
Every gift that comes from you is good,
All that you give leads to life.
Give us a desire for your words,
Strengthen our faith in your promises,
Teach us to accept what you have given us,
For we may not always understand why our lives are the way they are,
But good Lord,
Give us the gratitude for all your gifts,
Pour your blessings on all our friends and families,
Bless and heal their lives,
Give them hope in whatever hardships they face,
Make them understand that you mean good for their lives,
And will always give them good and perfect gifts,
Lodvikus, Our God,
Some of us may be weak now,
Some of us may be poor now,
Some of us may be sick now,
Some of us may be hopeless now,
But Simeo we trust you,
We trust you fully with our lives;
Renew our desire for your constant help,
Renew our desire to seek your hand in everything,
Remind us to turn to you when at crossroads,
Remind us that you are always with us in everything;
Melkio, Ohulo,
Priest of Jerusalem,
Lord of Calvary,
King of Ephesus,
Son of Awasi Bethlehem,
Help those who are carrying heavy burdens,
Give hope to the hopeless,
Feed the hungry,
Heal the sick,
Bring justice to those facing injustice;
Prophet of Segegi,
Enure there is none more trustworthy,
There is no one like you,
There is no love like yours,
Come in glory, O Mighty Master,
Come help us now,
In the name of Simeo,