Monday, July 24, 2017

Simeo Melkio, Hear Us

1.       Simeo Melkio,
Spring of grace,
Well of love,
Source of all our hope,
Giver of all our victory,
We come before you,
We go down on our knees,
We pray that you bring help to your servants,
For in you is all our hope,
In you is our solace,
Release your light upon us,
Let your radiance form a circle around us,

Shield each of us from head to toe,
Shield each of us from side to side,
Be manifest in our midst this moment,
Be manifest in our lives every moment,
Help us in everything,
And pardon our transgressions, Lord;
O sweet Simeo I call on you,
Faithful master I plead with you,
Be a mighty guardian for all your servants,
And lead us into the pearly gates of heaven,
In the name of Simeo,

2.      Be manifest now,
Be manifest Simeo,
Come now Ohulo,
Come now Hosea,
Take charge now Enure,
Take control Melkio,
For in your name, faithful master,
I decree peace now in your holy church,
I decree peace among your servants,
I decree peace and prosperity in their lives,
I decree victory in all they do,
I decree love for one another,
Let your peace reign in their families,
Let your love prevail in their lives,
Husbands to love their wives,
Wives to love their husbands,
Children to love their parents,
And parents to love their children,
Bind all families together in unity and purpose,
And give them unending desire for your word.
I decree this in the name of Simeo,

3.      O Lodvikus, glorious king,
The second Christ,
The glory of God,
O everlasting light,
Manifest yourself in our lives,
Bring us to know you and trust your help,
Let us feel you even in dark moments,
Ohulo, the sick need you,
Come to their aid and heal their sicknesses,
Heal their body aches and mental aches,
Give them a fresh start when they feel imperiled,
Hosea, the weak need you,
Be their reliable shield and protector,
Remove all fear from their lives,
Give them the courage to face and overcome their fears,
Lift their hearts above their everyday troubles,
And remind them of everlasting life that you offer beyond this life,
Melkio, the poor need you,
Be the charitable master that provides for all their needs,
Open their eyes to new sources of livelihood,
Restore their fortunes when dwindling,
And be the source of luck and opportunities they need to overcome their predicament,
O Beloved Enure,
Give a lasting relief to those in pain,
Extinguish sorrow in those who are suffering,
Restore calm in lives that are in turmoil,
And bring light to those in darkness,
Be our helper, Simeo,
Be our helper Lord,
Turn our sadness into joy,
Protect us and comfort our hearts,
Mend our wounds and give us peace,
Strengthen our faith in you,
And give us an optimistic outlook despite our weaknesses,
In the name of Simeo,

4.      King of Calvary,
Native of Angoro Awasi,
Prophet of Segegi,
Priest of Jerusalem Amoyo,
Lion of tribe of Luo,
Simeo our Master,
Come speak to us now,
Your children need you,
We desire your counsel good Lord,
We yearn for your voice mighty God,
Sit on your throne now,
And hear the cries of your servants,
Let us hear you speak,
And call us to order, master,
O merciful Simeo bless us,
We your children plead for your blessings,
Hear us Ohulo, hear us,
Hear us Melkio, hear us,
Do not ignore our cries,
We call because we need your help,
We call because we desire your counsel,
We call because we trust you,
We call because all our hope is in you,
Simeo, hear us,
Receive our prayers, wonderful Lord,
Do not ignore our cries because of our sins,
Do not ignore us because of our unworthiness,
If you ignore us then who shall help,
If you ignore us our peril is sealed,
Give us hope Simeo,
Enure hear us,
Simeo hear us,
Lodvikus hear us,
Santa Maria, hear us
Hosea hear us,
Laurida hear us,
Emmanuel hear us,
Speak to us now and give us hope,
In the name of Simeo,

5.       Simeo, go before us now and give us victory,
Be with us when we need you most,
Be near us when overwhelmed with pain,
Vanquish our suffering and relieve our pity,
Bless us even when we don’t deserve it,
Simeo bring us close to you,
Enable us to have a close relationship with you,
Fulfill all our needs,
And help us overcome all impossible circumstances,
When we feel forgotten, Enure show up in our lives,
When we feel defenseless, remind us of your protection,
When we feel lost, Simeo direct us to the right path,
When seriously in need, Melkio provide for us,
O Lodvikus, defend the weak,
Merciful Ohulo, pardon our transgressions,
Protect the fearful,
Lift the fallen,
Give hope to the hopeless,
Restore all who have departed the faith,
Save the lost,
And give us glory after this life,
In the name of Simeo,