Monday, July 24, 2017

Simeo Melkio, Bind Us Together with Your Ascended Hosts

  1.       Simeo Melkio,
Bind us together with your ascended hosts,
Bind us together with Timothy Atila,
Your faithful servant, our father of faith,
Bind us together with Peter Otieno,
The native of Kamagambo, who perished at River Nzoia during your persecution,
Bind us together with Silas of Imbo,
Bind us together with Kephas of Asumbi,

Bind us together with Tobias Oongo, your prophet,
Bind us together with Angi Clement and Carilus Mumbo,
Bind us together with Abala Rafael, the patriarch,
Bind us together with Silvester Okweto, prophet,
Bind us with John Baru and Siprosa Akinyi,
Together with them and all ascended saints,
All who believe and trust you till the end of life on earth,
Harvest our souls upon our deaths and bring us to your glory,
Give us peace after this life,
And grant us worthy rewards for faith in the place of light,
Ohulo there is no other name given to us,
Through which we are admitted into the presence of God,
Except your glorious name sanctioned by the Father in heaven,
Announced by the hosts of heaven as you departed for your mission,
And revealed to us at the home of John Baru, in Suna,
When saints and angels came down in song,
To declare to us the reign of glory promised by God at the beginning of time,
The reward of eternal life prepared for all children of God,
In the place of bliss and happiness,
Where there is no pain and sorrow,
O Simeo, remember us,
Hear those of us striving to serve you on earth,
Give us the grace to know you,
To follow your teaching and trust you till the end of our lives on earth,
And bring us to your holy city upon our death,
In the name of Simeo,

2.      Simeo Melkio give us a mighty faith,
A faith like that of Timothy Atila, who served you from a tender age until his death,
A faith like that of Silvester Okweto, who saw visions and passed edifying messages to your servants,
A faith like that of Peter Otieno, who was martyred during your persecution,
A faith like that of Siprosa Akinyi, the young martyr who died at Hill Nyang’or,
A faith like that of Lawrence Jairo, who was beaten to a coma but stood up for you,
A faith like that of Susana Ouma, who left everything behind to serve you,
A faith like that of John Baru, your charitable host at Suna, Migori,
A faith like that of Abala Raphael and Romanus On’gombe, the patriarchs,
A faith like that of Maria Ombwayo, whose prayer opened the gates of prison at Asego Kanyada,
The faith of Philip Odero and Clement Angi,
The faith of Dalmas Omolo and Dalmas Oyier,
The faith of Hebert Aloo and Carilus Mumbo,
The faith Lucas Ngwala and Siprianus Ochieng,
The faith of Tobias Oongo and Silas of Imbo,
The faith of Romanus Aguga and Kephas of Asumbi,
O Simeo, Lord of Ephesus,
Give us a burning faith,
A steadfast faith until our death,
And bring us to the kingdom of God upon our death,
In the name of Simeo,

3.      Simeo, you declared to us,
Children of Africa the button has been passed,
The button of faith has passed to another flock,
The call of God has come to another congregation,
The glory of God has manifest in the midst of a different people,
You are that flock, you are that congregation,
We are that flock, we are that congregation,
We are the people, upon which the glory of God has manifest,
We are the flock that heard a mighty song,
When the saints and angels came down in song,
In a mighty roar that shocked us all,
In a great ecstasy that engulfed us all,
Opening our eyes to see the king on the throne,
Opening our eyes to see the saints in our midst,
Opening our eyes to see Simeo the king,
Taking the reigns of paradise and rewarding the saints with life,
And being declared Christ on earth by the Holy Spirit,
As the spirit spoke through Siprianus Ochieng in our midst,
Making it clear that Simeo is God,
Making it plain that Melkio is God,
Making it clear that Ohulo is Christ,
The king of kings and lord of lords,
The everlasting king promised at the beginning of time,
The seed of Eve, descendant of Abraham,
The prophet announced by Moses, the son of David,
The hope of Isaiah, the desire of Malachi,
The joy of Peter, the pride of Paul,
The savior of Israel, the glory of Christians,
Simeo our call, our savior and our glory,
The way to heaven, the giver of life,
O Simeo, we are the ones who heard your voice,
We came to you and spoke with you,
We spoke with Ohulo and ate with him,
We knelt before him and he blessed us,
He gave us hope in this life and promised us better after our death,
That is why we kneel again,
We kneel today to call on you,
Glory of God, we call your name,
Hear us and come to our aid,
Send us help, we are deep in need,
We pray this in the name of Simeo,

4.      Simeo Melkio, send us help,
Send us Archangel Michael to come to our aid,
Dispatch all archangels and powers to our aid,
Send activities and legions of light to our aid,
Send angels and activities of God to our aid,
Send seraphim and cherubim of God to our aid,
Send angelic hierarchies and powers to our aid,
Send angelic thrones and principalities to our aid,
Send the saints of God to our aid,
Send us David son of Jesse,
Send us Joseph son of Jacob,
Send Daniel and Ezekiel to our aid,
Send us Noah son of Lamech,
Send us Catherine of Sienna,
Send ascended Peter Otieno,
Send us ascended Philip Odero,
Send us dedicated Siprosa Akinyi,
Send us Atila Timotheo,
Send Carilus Mumbo to help us,
O holy saints of God,
O holy angelic powers of God,
Protect us from evil forces,
Protect us from all agents of the Devil,
Guard us against all deranged and demon-possessed people,
Protect us from all sinister activities,
Protect us from black magic and witchcraft,
And protect us from false teachers and false teachings,    
Come now, Simeo,
Come help us Lord,
In the name of Simeo,

5.       Simeo Melkio,
Native of Angoro Awasi,
Simeo, the priest of Jerusalem,
Our dazzling light,
The dazzling light that exceeds a thousand suns,
Mighty guardian,
Spring of peace,
Be manifest now,
Descend with a mighty power now,
Manifest yourself in our lives,
Be the pillar of light around us,
Be that great pillar that protects us,
Simeo be our shield,
Enure be our guardian,
Bless and heal us,
Remove all discord from our lives,
And bring beauty and comfort into our lives,
In the name of Simeo,