Saturday, November 12, 2016

Legio Maria Worship: Worshipping Simeo Melkio, In English

1.       Our Lord, Simeo Melkio,
We come before you,
Our peerless Master,
Our immortal King,
Our merciful Lord,
We bow to honor you,
We kneel to glorify you;
Great God,

Our good and gracious Lord.
We come as humble and prayerful children,
We come to seek your mercy.
Have mercy upon us all,
And take our sins away from us.
Give us who believe and trust in you,
To follow the likeness of your image.
Enable us to act virtuously,
To shun our worldly passions,
And lift ourselves above the fleeting things of this world.
We pray these through the name of Simeo. Amen

2.      O mighty Enure, O wonderful Lodvikus,
You came to seek the lost of this world,
You came to make us the sons of God,
You came to make our call complete in the glory of God;
From spirit to flesh, you became a man for our glory,
At John Baru’s home the mystery was revealed,
The mystery of the son of God made flesh.
On that glorious evening, the hosts of heaven came in song,
A mighty chorus that dazzled us all,
And an outpouring of the spirit that filled us all.
That day we saw you in glory,
Worshipped by saints and praised by angels.
O Lord of all men,
 Look upon us graciously,
Fill us with your love, and open for us the deep treasures of your wisdom;
Turn your face unto us, and show us your glory.
We pray these through the name of Simeo. Amen

3.      Our Lord, Melkio,
Send us your Holy Spirit,
And fill our hearts with your wisdom.
O Lord of Calvary, O Priest of Jerusalem Amoyo,
Protect us all, body and soul, every limb and every fiber of us;
And shield us from all traps and harms of the devil.
Simeo our Master, we lift your name,
We bless and honor your wonderful name.
For in your name we pray to the Father,
And he generously provides for us when in need.
Our adorable Lord, our Holy King,
God of Timothy Atila, God of Raphael Abala,
Guide us by your steadfast light,
Kindle in us the fire of your Holy Spirit;
Crush our hearts of stone,
And give us a heart of flesh.
May we believe you,
Delight in you and follow you.
May we adore you,
Enjoy you and trust you until our death.
We pray these through the name of Simeo. Amen

4.      Simeo, Ohulo,
Have mercy upon us all,
Blot out all our sins,
And make us as white as snow.
O Good Shepherd we seek your face,
We call on you to take us home.
We implore you to hear us,
To lead us into the presence of God, our Father.
We beseech you Lord,
That you accept us into your house,
And give us rooms in the glorious mansions of heaven.
O Lord of heaven and earth,
O God of seas and rivers,
Sun and moon, mountains and valleys,
You who dwell in heaven and earth and sea, and all things;
You who is over all things, in all things and under all things;
We ask you to be with us every day of our lives,
Purify us, draw us to you,
Sustain our faith and fulfill our hopes.
O Eternal Lord, O Second Christ,
Forgive our sins,
Cleanse us from all defilement of flesh and spirit,
Protect those who seek you,
Heal those who call on you,
Provide for those who ask you,
Lead those who trust in you.
Reign over our desires,
And free us from fleshly desires.
We pray these through the name of Simeo. Amen

5.       Melkio, we ask you to be our helper,
Enure, we plead with you to be our defender,
Rescue those who are in distress,
Lift our brethren who have fallen.
Provide for those who are in need,
And heal those who are sick.
O King of Nzoia Ephesus,
O Prophet of Segegi,
Bring back your people, who have strayed.
We plead with you our God,
Save the afflicted among us.
Show mercy to the lowly,
Comfort those of us who are faint-hearted.
Release from prison those unfairly jailed,
Feed the hungry, and revive the weak.
Great Lord we ask you to bless your church,
For you brought it into being through painful labors.
Remember our Pope, and give him the wisdom to preserve your truth,
Bless our cardinals and bishops, showing them your way in all they do,
Bless our priests, deacons and nuns; teach them to put all their trust in you.
Bless all members of your church; show them your grace in all they do.
We pray these through the name of Simeo. Amen

6.      O Lord, Simeo Melkio,
The Glory of God revealed to us.
Simeo who is holy,
Enure who is strong and great.
Son of the Most High God,
Messiah who is love.
Simeo who is all to us,
Laurida who suffice for us.
Simeo our joy and gladness, our rest and peace.
O true beauty, our enduring protection,
Our endurance and courage.
Melkio our haven,
Our faith and our hope.
Our humble Master, our gentle Guardian,
Our great consolation, our eternal life.
We beseech you, gentle Simeo,
Put our lives in good order,
Deliver us from all evils,
Grant us the power to do your will,
Bring us closer to you in our moments of prosperity,
And lift our spirits during our times of adversity.
Give us the power to yield to you,
O Lord our God.
Simeo, we thank you for your compassion,
We thank you for the huge blessings you’ve shown to us.
We extol your name for your prompt and gentle correction,
We thank you for your tenderness when you call us,
We thank you for your kindness when you welcome us,
And thank you for your mercy when forgiving our sins.
Our master who is always patient with us,
Our Lord who always points us to the truth.
O generous Lord, O our noble one,
You know our necessities before we ask,
You provide for us without fail.
Sweet King we beseech you,
Remember us Almighty God.
We pray these through the name of Simeo. Amen.

7.       Simeo, Our God,
Melkio, our Master,
Enure, our Sustainer,
Laurida, our Defender,
Santa Maria, our Strength,
Oulo, our Shield,
Hosea, our Protector,
Messias, our Redeemer,
Lodvikus, our Life;
We pray you Melkio,
Sustain those who are faltering,
Comfort those who are mourning,
Gladden those who are sad,
Arm your warriors and crown your victors,
Be patient with unrepentant sinners,
Call them to repentance.
O Lion of the tribe of Luo,
O steady rock of Esau,
Free us from all perils,
Guard us with your ministering angels.
We pray these through the name of Simeo. Amen

8.      O Simeo, Melkio,
God incarnated as a poor and abject man,
Unknown and despised, hated and rejected,
Mocked and insulted, beaten and persecuted.
Simeo who was arrested at Calvary,
Late in the night when deep in sleep,
Dragged on pebbles,
And bundled into a truck like a sack of grains,
Battered with the pommel of guns,
Slapped like a child incapable of self-defense.
For our lives he was jailed,
Punished with sinners for standing for faith.
O Just Lord,
You carried great pain so that the Glory of God is revealed.
And for the rest of your earthly life,
The scars of persecution became part of you,
Carrying a tin to ease you chest.
O Simeo, forgive us,
Merciful Lord, remember us,
Stand with us through fiery trials,
Arm us to defend you in every place.
Make us content with you as our master,
And let us never be ashamed to follow you.
We pray these through the name of Simeo. Amen.

9.      We appeal to you, O eternal Lord,
Ever-living light receive our pleas.
Make our hearts that are filled with the darkness of sin,
To recognize the glorious light of repentance.
Do not think of the sins we have committed,
Or even those we will commit,
But help us to overcome our humanly failings.
Simeo, Melkio,
Remember that men are apt to make slips,
For we are a race given to blundering.
Think of our limitations, Lord,
O dear and merciful Lord,
Give us the grace to live by your high teachings.
Melkio who loves us so much,
Enure who wants life for all of us,
Grant us the grace to love you,
To love you with all our hearts and all our strengths.
Hosea who rules over all,
Lodvikus who is supreme over all that is,
You are the true and the only God,
You are the true and only Christ.
Son of God,
We plead with you to remember your servants,
To write our names in your Book of Life,
And to grant us a good end to our life on earth.
Simeo, Ohulo,
May we find in you a good and lenient judge,
Who renders to each according to their deeds.
We pray these through the name of Simeo. Amen.

10.     Venerable Lord, we thank you,
For calling us to you even when deep in sin,
For saving us even when short of faith,
And preserving us for the great glory that awaits the sons of God.
True light enlighten us,
Heavenly King, lead us.
Your promises inspire us,
Your mercy redeems us.
Your generosity preserves us,
And your beautiful creation inspires us.
Increase your grace in us,
Supply us with our temporal needs,
And reserve for us eternal bliss.
All-powerful, all-knowing God,
Without beginning and without end,
The source and sustainer of all that is.
Fill our lives with your enriching peace,
Keep our feet in your path of light,
And draw us each day to your holy city.
Let us praise your holy name,
Let us trust your immortal words,
Till we enter the gates of heaven,
To be with you forever and ever. Amen.