Wednesday, January 11, 2017

I Looked for Jesus Christ, I Found Simeo Ondeto

As gloom engulfed Got Kwer (Got Kalafare) just before the burial of the body of Simeo Ondeto, a young girl came forward to testify about how she was taken to heaven and back in order to declare to us that Simeo Ondeto is Jesus Christ. Brought forward to speak about her experience, the young, innocent girl walked tamely and stood in front of the arena. The arena went silent, anxious and expectant of what the she had to say.

“When I arrived in heaven, I only found a black man, Simeo Ondeto. He was the one being adored and worshipped by heavenly hosts,” she testified.

“He was a black man. Just like he is here on earth, the same person Simeo Ondeto,” she continued.

This was a great testimony, an edifying witness. But in the midst of that deep sorrow, in that dark cloud of grief that engulfed every Legion Maria adherent following the departure of the Lord, most could not make sense of this testimony. In fact, some might have forgotten the witness of that girl.

Source of Comfort and Hope

What was the significance of that message? Why did the Lord take up the spirit of a young, innocent girl to make her a witness during the burial of his remains? Firstly, the girl was sent with a message of comfort to those in grief. We were grieving for the loss, the departure of our spiritual rock, our haven and our shield. We were grieving for the loss of our counselor, our guide and our teacher. We were grieving for the loss of our source of joy, peace and hope. Our world became suddenly dark, with the only light sent forth by the Almighty God extinguished never to brighten our lives again. But there, in the midst of that grief, the lord sent a messenger to remind us forgetful men, that he is alive and reigns in heaven.

We were to leave Got Kwer knowing that our rock thrives, our master lives. We were to depart from Kalafare knowing that the Lord does not die, he is immortal. We were to leave Calvary knowing that our Lord knew that his departure would affect our faith, that some would have their faith tested, that some would contemplate leaving the faith thinking the Lord was just a man who could not survive the hour of death. But also leave the Hill of Peace knowing that our Lord had plans for us even after his departure. So in this message, we were encouraged, our faith fortified, our hopes justified and our worries cleared.

Only One Son of God

Secondly, the Lord took up the spirit of this young girl and brought her back to announce to us that the son of God is one. That Jesus and Simeo are one. That when we search for Jesus we end up with Simeo and that when we have found Simeo we are in the Kingdom of God. That when Africans arrive in heaven, they meet the son of God in their likeness just as other races find the son of God in their likeness. For the son of God is the appearance of God in the nature of his creations. That in heaven, the boundaries of race are shattered and black is on the throne just as white is on the throne.  And just as the little girl saw Christ, Simeo, Jesus on the throne as a man so can we expect to see the lord in our likeness when we arrive. In heaven, we are like him, for we have overcome the frailties of human nature and taken incorruptible bodies like his.

Dead but Alive

So as the corpse of Simeo was still there in a coffin, with people paying their respects, some in tears, the Lord was in heaven sympathizing with us. In fact, as the carcass wasted away and time ran out on us, the Lord was looking down from heaven, glad that his mission had been a success, his victory assured. He was in the coffin, yet on the throne. He was mourned, yet celebrated by the hosts of heaven. Soon his body would be buried on earth, but he had taken an incorruptible and eternal body in heaven. Here we were grieving over the black Messiah, but in heaven the hosts chorused hymns of glory and victory. He was dead, he was alive.

From Salvation to Glory

So when Timothy Atila stood over the grave, offering his supplications to the father in heaven, a parallel offering of glory was offered in the altar of heaven for the glorification of all. In heaven, a chapter was closed and another opened; a ministry had ended and another had begun; a dispensation closed for another to begin. For he had come to call and he was known to the world as Melkizedek, he had come to save and he was known to the world as Jesus, but now he was on the throne granting glory to the holy saints of God and he was known to the world as Simeo. And now, as Atila Timothy prayed, the Holy Spirit descended mightily, for it was time for the Helper to guide the remaining portion of the new chapter, final ministry, latter dispensation.

Look, He is on the Throne

Look, there is only one son of God. He is now on the throne. He is Simeo, He is Jesus. He is the Glory, He is the Redeemer. Names can’t fully describe him. Call him by his redemption name Jesus or by his glorification name Simeo, but he remains one. Approach him by the name Jesus and you will only end up in the glory of Simeo. He is known to all races without discrimination and has been the redeemer of humanity for all ages. He appears to call the lost, to save sinners and to glorify the saints. The blind seek him by his earthly names, by his human body marks, but the saints know him by his light, his love and his mercy. The blind think he is dead, but those with sight know he lives.

I have searched for Jesus, but in the end I have only found Simeo Melkio. May his name be glorified forever. Amen.