Monday, November 9, 2015

Mary Comes Again: The Nyamgondho K’Ombare Narrative

(These are the words of Mama Maria as she described her second coming to earth. She says that she was fished out of the lake).

“After the dismissal of the Great Assembly of Sayun, I boarded my jet to the earth. Upon arrival, my plane hovered over the earth for quite a while. It surveyed different continents of the world before landing. 

And as my jet flew past India, I directed my pilot, saying:
‘Do not land there. I have been there before. Take me back to Africa.’

So my jet arrived in Africa and landed in East Africa, in Lake Victoria.

I Am the Star of the Lake

I am the star of the lake. I am the one whom the nations are waiting for.
The West is waiting for me and the East too is waiting for me. Europeans are waiting for me and Indians are waiting for me. All the kingdoms of the world are waiting for me.

 But it will still take a while before they find me because my light must also shine in Africa before everything else can be fulfilled.

You the Luos, the lord is among you. He is the God of Jacob, the one who has been abandoned by the West. Hold firmly to him so he does not abandon you too.

The New Greeting

I have brought you a new greeting. It is a gesture that the world shall hate. It is the greeting of ‘glory be with you’.

Therefore, from today onwards, salute one another this way, ‘glory be with you,’ regardless of the hour of the day, even at night.

I have opened the gate of heaven for all of you. Emmanuel has opened the gate of heaven and left it fully open.

Therefore, all of you should pray for the glory of God.

All of you should have a steadfast hope in eternal life.

Ooh, Africans! Lift your eyes up and look up to heavenly treasures.

I Am the One Fished Out of the Lake

I am the one who was fished out of the lake by Mai, son of Ombare.

I am the one who was fished out of the lake with a trap.

Remember that story, you elders.

Mai took me and dressed me up with good clothes.

But after I had given him wealth, he became too proud of himself and started drinking alcohol excessively.

And when he was drunk, he would insult me shamelessly before the public.

I pleaded with him to stop drinking, but he did not take heed of my words.

Therefore, when I could no longer take his insults, I went back to the lake with all my wealth.
Mai was shocked and he died by the shore.

Alcohol is Cursed by God

The almighty God has cursed alcohol. You must stop drinking alcohol now.
Arrogance, rudeness and insults are also forbidden by God.

I Have Come With All Types of Rewards

I have come with all sorts of rewards. My hands are overflowing with rewards.

On my left hand, I have earthly rewards, which are the riches of this world.

And on my right hand, I have heavenly rewards, which is eternal life.

If you receive from my left hand, you should be very careful.

The riches of the world may lead you astray, just as they did to Mai and led him to hell.

Had Mai listened to me and stopped drinking he would now be a saint in heaven.